Let’s build Better Anambra together - Obiano tells Anambra Lawmakers

By James Eze

Awka: The new Governor of Anambra State Chief Willie Obiano today in Awka gave an indication of his agenda for the State Legislature when he met with members of the House of Assembly as part of the activities of his first day in office with a call on the lawmakers to join hands with him and work together to build a better Anambra State.

In a move seen as indicative of his clear intent to institute governance by engagement and sustainable partnerships with various arms of government, Chief Obiano praised the Legislators for their commitment to the good of Anambra, stressing that his visit underscores the importance of the legislature in a democracy as well as his high regard for the parliamentarians.

Governor Willie Obiano defined his belief and respect for the role of the legislature thus: 'Long before I began to take political leadership seriously, I had always known that any democracy without a strong parliament is a farce! I have known that the legislature is the true backbone of democracy and the single most important repository of the sovereign will of the people. I have the greatest regard for you and what you represent to the quest for a new and better Anambra State.'

Re-enfforcing the tone of cordial engagement with the lawmakers Chief Obiano stated. 'I have no doubt that if Anambra State is to make the long anticipated transition from merely aspiring to greatness to attaining actual greatness, my administration must close ranks with you. We must work together to unlock the potentials of our people and launch Anambra into a new phase of development.' He assured the honourable members that his administration is committed to building a parliament that will serve as the bulwark of democracy, providing the standard checks and balances that will pave the way for a meaningful separation of powers and delivering on its high promise to the people.

The Governor told the House of Assembly that now more than ever before; Anambra stands at the threshold of change and praised his predecessor Governor Obi for instituting the change, and assured that his administration has no choice than to sustain the flame of progress. Furthermore, the Governor expressed profound gratitude to the legislators for supporting him before and during the last gubernatorial elections in Anambra State, and also acknowledged the personal sacrifices and efforts they made to rally their constituents to deliver the victory that brought him to office.

Earlier, the Honourable Speaker of Anambra State House of Assembly, Princess Chinwe Nwaebili, had congratulated the Governor on his successful Inauguration on Monday and observed that his decision to meet with the State Legislators was a wise start. He assured the Governor of the cooperation and commitment of the lawmakers to work for the progress of Anambra.