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Source: Amechi B. Chima/Nigeriafilms.com
The occasion
was the Royal Arts Academy premiere of the movie titled 'Apaye'; a story of a
woman's determination and quest to succeed against all odds. Elder Irene Uriah,
born in the creeks of Bayelsa State, abandoned by her husband and left to fend
or he six children. The movie depicted
the true meaning of its name, 'Apaye' i.e 'Mother's Love'. It showed how far a
mother could go just to make her children become 'persons of substance' in life.
'Apaye' was
produced by Mrs Emem Isong and directed by actor, Desmond Elliot. It featured veteran
thespians like Kanayo .O. Kanayo and Clarion Chukwurah, who were the lead actor
and actress respectively, Mbong Amata, Belinda Effah, Millicent Jack etc.
The red
carpet session was a beehive of activities as celebrities were being
interviewed by journalists, a lot of snapshots were taken by celebrities with
friends, colleagues, ladies and gentlemen of the press, fans, well-wishers and
admirers. As all these went on, music and announcements regarding the essence
of the occasion were made repeatedly.
As more
celebrities arrived, applauses and excitements were pervasive. Oritshe Femi,
Julius Agwu, Juliet Ibrahim, Clarion Chukwura, Seun Akindele, Koffi, Desmond
Elliot are some of the stars who drew applauses. The premiere proper commenced
a couple of minutes later, a hundred minute show according to officials.
The film
show went on amidst laughter, sighs, hisses, scorns and praises among the
viewers which were triggered by scenes in the movie. It ended at exactly 9.55pm
but before then, a lot of the celebrities had left.

Ngozi Nwosu Expresses Determination
To Recapture Nollywood
veteran actress, Ngozi Nwosu, who had a bout with a kidney-related disease last
year, seemed unhappy after the event presumably due to the dominance of the
industry by the younger generation. This was observed in her conversation with
a male colleague in her dialect (Igbo).
Our reporter
who hails from the same geo-political zone as she does, scooped that she was
lamenting the neglect of her generation by stakeholders in the industry saying,
“Brother, this is something (the industry) we started o, we cannot allow things
remain like this. We have got to retake it by storm, we must do something
fast,” she said.