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President, Women Arise for Change Iniatives, Dr Odumakin is a stong woman who has walked courageously where men fail to tread, is a fearless, fiery champion of democracy and human rights. A great tireless fighter who feeble bearing belies an inner strength, toughness and hardiness purpose.

In an interview yesterday with nollywoodgists, we asked her the reason for her decision to be an activist, Odumakin replied “I decided to do that because our lives begin to end the day we keep silent on things that matter and then every onlooker is either a coward or a traitor. It's my passion, I believe that we should have a system that works and I also believe that whatever I do, if I die, it is gone. So what I do for others is what remains and so that is why I have committed my life and pain in making sure womenfolk is uplifted and also having sure that justice, fairness and equity reigns at all times”.

Dr. Odumakin is for truth a veteran of affirmative marches, who have given gleam to the struggle for justice and human dignity totally an inspiration for men, women, young and old.

She is currently rallying and working towards the Ejigbo Saga and Yobe killings, as according to her justice must be done.