Straightening the records: “I did not bail Sen. George Akume”- Farida Waziri

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Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) chairperson, Mrs. Farida Waziri is growing increasingly disenchanted with a section of the Nigerian media, believing some news publications have set out to deliberately malign her by distorting facts

about her actions at the anti-graft agency, it emerged last Friday.

Her strong feelings about the allegations that she bailed her former governor, now Senator George Akume came to light during a media chat on the sidelines of her working visit to New York, USA. She blamed her detractors for peddling the false accusations which she dismissed as baseless. “I had a law firm in Abuja, and my husband had a law firm in Lagos, and a branch office in Abuja. Now as a Nigerian and a barrister, I can stand surety for anybody. But I didn't stand surety for Akume. But I could have, and I would have been right to do so. But the truth prevailed at the end of the day.”

The first inkling of Farida's disenchantment emerged when she noted that some news organizations, which she did not name have orchestrated a public intoxication campaign against her and everything the EFCC stands for. From the latest account of Mrs. Farida's disgruntlement, she thought some news publications have deliberately transform themselves into mouthpieces of her detractors and are waging a campaign of misinformation and calumny against her person and the EFCC, propagating falsehoods without any iota of evidence.

Despite all the badgering, documents obtained exclusively by from the EFCC indicate that George Akume was bailed by Rep. Tsegba Terngu of the House of Representatives in Abuja on June 8, 2007. In a handwritten application for bail addressed to the EFCC Executive Chairman dated June 8, 2007, the Surety, Rep. Terngu wrote: “I wish to humbly apply for the bail of Senator George Akume who is in your custody. I promise to produce him whenever requested. Thank you for your usual cooperation and approval.”

The bail amount, according to the EFCC Criminal Form 25 was set at five hundred million naira. (See documents attached) Senator George Akume, according to the documents was bailed at 10:00 am by Rep Tsegba Terngu as Surety with No: 08036014833. could not however establish the authenticity of the documents.

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