Ghanaian, the press vs TB Joshua

By Benjamin Ifada
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Ghana U20 coach Sellas Tetteh admitting that a Nigerian pastor Prophet T.B. Joshua decided which players he should play at the U20 World Cup. Joshua told Tetteh to make Andre Dede Ayew the key to his selection as he was the luckiest player in the U20 World Cup winning squad.

Tetteh admitted that they were in constant touch with Joshua throughout the tournament and he said the pastor's predictions were true.

"Before God and man I was in constant touch with Pastor Joshua all the predictions he made were realised," Tetteh said

But Ayew who was at the centre of Joshua's predictions says all the glory must go to God because people of all faiths contributed to the team's success.

Ayew never said that he didn't receive a call from TB Joshua; he only said all the glory must go to God. Following the word of Ayew, it is obvious he spoke to TB Joshua.

If you listen to Prophet TB Joshua, he also said all the glory must go to God. He never glorified himself but only to testify of the goodness of God. I believe he recorded the conversation just for the sake facts and for the world to know that truly there is God.

In an interview with The Spectator of Nigeria, TB Joshua has played down his role in the Satellites historic World Cup victory last week, explaining he is a mere mouthpiece and the glory belongs to God alone. Interestingly, his comments are reputed to have been made on Sunday, before the controversy exploded throughout Ghana in which claims were made the Nigerian Pastor ascribed the glory to himself.

The press are just trying to use this as a means of promoting themselves and nothing more. The press should beware that this is a man of God and not just a person or a politician.

For the video reference i think that is no problem because he is only trying to record facts. Come to think of it how can he record the conversation with the coach of Ghana under-20 team if he is not sure of what he is saying? This shows that he is a Man of God indeed and a true prophet. I don't think the man of God is trying to give glory to himself; rather he is glorifying the Lord for the power and anointing giving to him. Why don't you stop criticizing and leave everything to God to judge. Prophet T B Joshua has prophesize match before and it came to past, i see no reason why you should doubt him this time. Before the match between Nigeria vs Mozambique, he talked about it and said he saw a goal which would be scored with the head. And it came to past that the only goal scored by Victor Obinna Nsofor of Nigeria was with his head.

Proceeding to advise others in the sporting world, Joshua said: “My advice to our sports teams, not only footballers, it to play the game as if everything depends on us and pray as if everything depends on God.”

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