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Samuel Peter in career revival journey against Nagy

Sam Peter after he beat James Toney in Las Vegas Photo: REUTER

'The Nigerian Nightmare' Samuel Peter will be back in action tonight in Grapevine, Texas. Peter will face Nagy Aguilera whose last fight was when he played a spoiler in the Oleg Maskev comeback bid when he stopped the former champion in one brutal round.

Apart from winning the WBC heavyweight belt, one of the highlight of his boxing career was when he knocked down Wladimir Klitschko three times in 2005, a fight that Peter still lost. That was the fight that earned Peter the reputation as heavyweight knock out specialist. Since then Peters has gone on to knock-out four other boxers, the last being Maskev whom Nagy, his opponent today made a mince meat of under two minutes.

Since signing with boxing promotions outfit, Top Rank and after losing two straight fights to Vitali Klitschko and Eddie Chambers, Peter has slowly started rebuilding his career. He's run over Marcus McGee, Ronald Bellamy and the free-moving land mass that is Gabe Brown in his last three fights. Though not a world-beater, Aguilera could be a fair step back up the ladder in terms of competition.

Much needed win
Though this is an International Boxing Federation (IBF) eliminator for world title, on paper it looks like another fighter to be rolled over by Peter as he revives his failing career.

But in reality if Peter doesn't win this, it should be bye-bye for him. The Peter that fought Chambers was clearly past his best, it all seems Nagy's team are putting up at the right place at the right time, a back to back win against Maskev and Peter, will do Nagy's career a lot of good so Peter have got to watch his steps. But if Peter pulls this off he could be in for another big pay day.

But according to Nagy, Peter is yesterday's news: 'Everybody's going to be surprised in this fight and they're going to see who Nagy Aguilera is. I'll have to box him, get a little bit aggressive and win by unanimous decision or knockout,' the 23 year old said.

Nagy Aguilera has had 15 wins and two losses with 10 Kos, as against the former champions intimidating 33 wins, 26 Kos, and three losses.