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Woman cured of 10-year madness says…
•Time is against me: I need a husband now
By Chioma Igbokwe
Saturday , March 13 , 2010



She stares and smiles at any man who comes around her and gets irritated when a woman dares to hold her hand. At 27, Bimbo Ajayi who just recovered from 10 years of insanity believes that the only people that should be close to her are men as that is the only way she could get her desire which is to get married immediately.

Having lost her parents as a teenager, Bimbo decided to continue her family lineage by getting married till she drifted into the world of insanity. Unknown to Bimbo, she mysteriously found her way from Abeokuta to Lagos where she wandered the streets for 10 years till she was rescued. She was picked up by Evangelist Jacinta Nworie, General Overseer, Christ Assurance Bible Ministry, Festac, Lagos doing what she knows how to do best - feeding from the refuse bin on rotten food.

Evangelist Nworie told Saturday Sun that she was moved to pick Bimbo up when she noticed her helpless state.

'I was returning from South Africa when I saw Bimbo lying close to the gutter looking tattered and busy eating rotten food. Initially, I wanted to abandon her but a spirit in me told me to pick her up. Passerby warned me to leave her alone as she has been insane and had been parading the streets for too long. I was particularly warned or her mood swings and inclination to flying off the handle. But I summoned the courage after asking God to calm her down if He wants me to help her. With the aid of my driver I took her into my car and drove her to Festac police station for record purposes, so that I would not be accused of using her for ritual purposes.

'When we got to the station, she jumped down and rushed to the gutter and started scooping dirty water to drink. The DPO quickly asked me to go ahead and take care of her as they would hesitate to sign the report for her safe keeping.

I took her home, bathed and shaved her. As a nurse, I was able to prescribe some drugs for, prayed and fed her.'

Childhood memories
Having been shut out of the sane world for more than 10 years, Saturday Sun sought to know whether she could remember anything about her childhood.

Laughing aloud, Bimbo shouted that she was a pretty young woman who was loved by all. A little bit sober, she recalled that she had severe headache, which she strongly believed was the handiwork of those who wanted to inherit her father's properties. 'I am the only child of my parents. My dad was a businessman and was able to build houses. We were so happy till my mother died, mysteriously. My father refused to remarry. I had all the love I needed in life. My father ensured that I was enrolled in the best school. He took time to ensure that he told me all that belonged to me as his only surviving daughter. My father was a successful man till he took ill and died.

I never knew that anyone was capable of killing for any reason. When he died, his family came and tried to take everything away from me but with the help of my maternal family I stood my ground and refused to yield to their demands. They asked me to marry and leave my father's house as his lineage had closed since he did not have a male child. Their threats did not deter me from furthering my education, as I had promised my father that I was going to be a lawyer so that I would defend him whenever he had any case.

She sighed and said: My sister, go to Abeokuta, I was really beautiful then and I was the cynosure. I was well known as people even asked me to take part in any beauty contest.

I had everything I needed in life and I had also decided to heed my father's advice to marry on time before my beauty expires. I had returned from school one day with severe headache. I took all kinds of drugs but it could not stop. My aunt took me to the hospital and I was told that there was no problem.

I know that I have missed a lot all these years but I give God the praise that he has delivered me. All I need is an opportunity to go back to school and complete my education. My dream has always been to be a lawyer before I lost my senses. Once I finish my education, I would be a human rights activist so that I would have the opportunity of fighting those people who their area of specialty is to make people mad. When I was told all I have been doing ever since I left home, 10 years ago, I felt so ashamed of myself. Thank God for delivering me, I would serve him for the rest of my life. My main concern is to get a good husband as that had been my greatest desire when I was growing up. I need to hurry up as time is no longer on my side.'