Why Tukur's Exit May Not help PDP

Source: pointblanknews.com

If anybody is thinking that the exit of Alhaji Bamanga Tukur will bring an end to the crisis in PDP, that person has another think coming and may be deceiving himself. The problem facing the ruling party PDP is multi-pronged, multi-faceted, enormous and deep. When i saw President Goodluck Jonathan grinning from ear to ear, holding Tukur's resignation letter with his left hand, and addressing PDP chieftains in Abuja as if he has won a great battle, i really pitied the commander-in-chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces of Nigeria. Oh no, my president, the problem of Nigeria's PDP is beyond the resignation of one man, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur. The problem of PDP is monumental. It is huge and to put it in another way, PDP has become the biggest problem facing Nigeria.

PDP's greatest undoing in Nigeria is failure of governance. Given the resources Nigeria has earned in the last 14 years, Nigeria would have taken a great leap forward to become a  destination in the world but PDP Chieftains do not know how to deploy resources to drive growth. Nigeria has earned more money in the last 14 years from 1999 than what this country earned from 1960 to 1999 (39 years) and yet there is nothing tangible to show for it. It is simply a case of hope betrayed and dashed, opportunities frittered away, respect and dignity lost. PDP's Nigeria may have succeeded in everything except in the department of leadership. Oh God ,PDP did not allow the centre to hold in Nigeria for us to witness progress.

Instead of using the God given resources to transform the fatherland, PDP chose another name called corruption. This is the reason why NNPC can muster the temerity and the audacity to tell the world that they used 10.8 billion US Dollars to service oil subsidy bills, service vandalized oil pipelines and other sundry expenses without authorization. This is the reason why Mrs Stella Oduah will purchase bulletproof  BMW cars worth millions of dollars without caring a hoot. This is the reason why Asari Dokubo, an empty barrel, a school drop out will be thinking of establishing a university with the money you cannot trace the source. This is why Chief Edwin Clerk, a man getting close to 90 years will be dreaming of building a university with the money nobody can trace the source. This is the reason why Pastor Oritsejafor will own a private jet and build an ultra-modern auditorium worth millions of dollars that will accommodate 50,000 people with no trace to the source of the money. I can go on and on, but the truth remains that President Jonathan has betrayed Nigerians and he is now President of the IJAW.

Another name for Nigeria's PDP is arrogance in the face of abysmal failure of governance. Having frittered and squandered our huge resources on nothing for 14 years one would have thought that PDP will show some remorse and be sober. Not Nigeria's PDP. They tell us they will rule Nigeria for 60 years. They tell us that all the political parties in Nigeria put together cannot defeat PDP. They tell us that they are the biggest party in Africa. They have refused to reform our electoral process. They have almost merged with INEC, the police, and all the security agencies to continue to decimate Nigeria.

PDP lacked capacity and ideas to bring good governance in Nigeria. Give PDP all the money in the world, give PDP another 50 years and I will tell you that the party cannot deliver. They cannot get it. You cannot give what you do not have. For someone to be great you just have to prepare for it and in the same vein, for a nation to move forward the leaders must be prepared for it. In actions and deeds leaders of PDP have not shown that they are prepared for governance in Nigeria. They have not shown that power goes with responsibility. They have not convinced anybody that they can be trusted. They have not shown that they know where they are going. They have not shown that they care for Nigerians. They have not shown that they are dependable.

PDP sets rules and break the rules with reckless abandon. PDP is power-drunk, greedy and cares about nothing. When President Yar'Adua of the blessed memory died we know all the struggles to get President Jonathan to take up leadership as stipulated in the constitution. Eventually President Jonathan got there. He would have completed the two years left by the death of Yar'Adua, and by PDP's rules Jonathan would have stepped aside for the North to complete their two terms but PDP does not follow rules. President Jonathan got another four years in 2011. In 2015, the same PDP is preparing the ground for President Jonathan to contest again. This is the reason why the North is angry with Jonathan. If President Jonathan succeeds in 2015, he would have ruled for 10 years by 2019. Our multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, and multi-religious nature do not support this in a democracy. PDP makes rules and break them!

Nigeria needs new hands, new approach, new ideas, new plans, new thinking, and new dreams. Unfortunately PDP is deficit in honour, respect, integrity and character to provide all this for now. PDP has reached its peak in miserable and inept governance in Nigeria and there is no other place to go than to go down. Nigerians must help to take this Bull (PDP) out of the China's shop to forestall further colossal damage to the project Nigeria.

Exit of Bamanga Tukur as National Chairman of PDP Nigeria is not the end of the party's problems in Nigeria. I just hope that few sensible men and women in PDP (if any) will have the courage to tell those celebrating this that  it is not yet Uhuru for the ruling party.

Joe Igbokwe,