By Precious Werner in Omoku
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The sprawling city of Omoku in ONELGA was a no-go-area Thursday, as the youths in the town went bananas over the death of 2 of their own whom they claim were 'innocently' shot by the ONELGA JTF. The youth went into the major Ahoada road with the corpses, violently marching down to the Police station to dump them there. But the Police reacted by sending back the angry mob with gun shots in the air and teargas, saying it was the business of the JTF and not the Police. The enraged youths later matched to the camp of the JTF on Ahoada road with the dead bodies in rant and rave which allegedly left 2 people dead as the JTF applied defense. The rampage disrupted social and commercial activities in the town as banks, shops and markets were all shut down, even the famous 'Okada' riders were seen riding back home as they all call it a day. The Hausa community in Omoku was also attacked by the irate crowd as they claim the JTF were all Northerners. When Niger Delta Standard contacted the Omoku Police D.P.O. and the ONELGA JTF Captain to comment on the matter, they all claim they have no powers to speak as they aren't the proper office to comment on sensitive issues as such. An inner source who pleads anonymity, said it all started when the JTF got a distress call from a lady about a robbery attack along Akor street, in Omoku, when the JTF arrived the scene as directed by the lady, the boys had finished operations and are in their groups close to a nearby waterside smoking India Hemps, when they sighted the JTF, they shot at them and were at their heels when the JTF shot in defense, it hit 2 boys which the youths claimed were innocent. Live ammunitions were allegedly recovered by the JTF.

An ex youth President, Samuel Ewoh, who spoke to Niger Delta Standard reporter, demystify the story that the ONELGA JTF is at it again. Ewoh popularly known as 'uncle sam', narrated that the JTF innocently shot at the 2 innocent boys sitting outside to take some fresh breeze as the gas turbine in the town is epileptic. The one time youth President said the lady that passed the distress call to the JTF was their girlfriend, ''she only suspected some guys smoking India Hemp in the area when she alerted the JTF at about 12:00am. When they arrive the scene, the boys had already finished smoking and left. The 2 boys sitting outside the area taking some fresh breeze saw the JTF approaching them and were running away when they shot at them thinking they are among the India hemp smokers”. “When the case was taken to the Oba, he took it lightly and didn't act as the youth expected, this left the youth more infuriated, stoning down the palace of the Oba” he explained. “the Oba is selfish, as he doesn't take seriously the matter of the town.” Ewoh said in finality.

As at the following day, peace has returned to the town as the case is under investigation.