Above all, the nation, Mark tells Nigerians @ Xmas

Source: pointblanknews.com

President of the Senate, Senator David Mark has for the umpteenth time called on Nigerians to sink their differences irrespective of ethnic , religious or political leanings and put the peace and unity of the nation above other considerations.

Senator Mark in a goodwill message to Christian faithful to mark this year's Christmas implored Nigerians to make peace and religious harmony the cornerstone of our relationship with one another.

The President of the Senate recalled the chequered political history of the nation coupled with the ethno- religious conflicts that have claimed scores of lives and property and pleaded with Nigerians to rethink.

He specifically called on the political class to lead the path of peace, law and order, cautioning that national interest and cohesion should not be sacrificed on the alter of individual or group ambitions.

Senator Mark noted that politics should ordinarily be a game and not a battle field and reminded those fanning the embers of war or disunity not to set the house ablaze before they even get there.

According to Mark: “We have come a long way as a people. We should see ourselves as one people , one nation with a common purpose. We cannot be moving in the reverse order when other nations are going to the moon.

” We must admit that the challenges are enormous but we must realize that no body is coming from the space to solve our problems. We should therefore be able to find home grown solutions to our challenges in a manner that would comfort and indeed satisfy all sections “.

To the present crop of leaders , Senator Mark told them that it is incumbent on ” all of us to act and behave in a responsible manner that would give trust and confidence to the people, where no group or section of the country would feel shortchanged or marginalized in the scheme of things.

He requested the religious to fervently pray for the nation and its leaders adding that the time calls for wise counsel and divine intervention .

The National Assembly, he assured would always stand by the people reiterating that the welfare and security of the citizens remains the cornerstone of all legislation.