By Amita Jones
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In recent times, he has become unarguably the most maligned and criticised pastor on the face of earth. He is courted by leaders of nations, he is friends to the poor and regarded by many nations across the world. Interestingly, in the midst of the claims and accusations targeted at him by individuals and groups constituted by men of God as well as former beneficiaries of his works of charity, he has consistently remained silent, deciding not to join issues with people who have clearly pin-pointed him in their campaign of calumny, name calling and the like.

The genesis of these attacks against Prophet TB Joshua is as old as his foray into the evangelical realms of the spiritual works of God. Due to the peculiar miraculous healings, deliverances and bull eye's prophetic statements that he is able to carry out thanks to the grace of God upon his life, he has been subjected to sustained attacks. Interestingly, his ministry has consistently soared in the midst of these. He has been embraced by leaders of nations as well as the very poor who he has constantly endeared himself to thanks to his philanthropic works of charity.

There is a popular saying that there is time for everything. It seems that the time to make a bold statement is now. Speaking at the Sunday service live of 28th February 2010, Prophet TB Joshua outlined a process which would end up separating the wheat from the chaff.

“Just as the financial analysts would submit their annual financial reports at the end of the year, we should also, as men of God submit our own annual spiritual report at the end of the year”.

Continuing, he said: “When the year is about to start, the leaders of nations would announce to all the spiritual leaders, irrespective of their religions, to submit their assessment of their communication with Almighty God”. When the events begin to come to pass, then they would begin to mark each person's report. Before the second week of January, we would be able to see who is a true Prophet of God”.

He concluded by saying: “There would be no place to hide for anybody who does not speak the mind of God, but only comes out to say what their senses tell them and what they read in the newspapers and watch on the television.”.