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Still On The Killings At Apo

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Let me start by stating that I am not unaware of the activities of the Military and other security agencies in find a lasting solution to the current security challenge we have in the country. They have been working without exhaustion, to ensure that we have peace in the country, and I commend them for that. Most of them have been killed,  putting their families in the pain and anguish of losing a loved one and breadwinners.
We all know the risk out there and we appreciate your efforts.

However, even though we commend your efforts in bring peace, we cannot turn a blind eye when you step out of the line by killing innocent civilians, people who remain vulnerable and have entrusted their safety into your care. It is in this light that one brings the killings at Apo on Saturday, 21 September to question. The State Security Service (SSS) is currently in the eye of the storm, for the killings carried out on that day, where about nine people lost their lives. There are certain questions begging for answers, and there cannot be a better body other than the SSS, to provide answers. Especially when the survivors of the attack have given their own account and have said they are not terrorists.

The SSS said it received a security report that people were planning to attack certain facilities in Abuja. If they actually received such report, were they supposed to kill the suspects the way the did? These terrorists have a network of connection and sponsors.   How will killing them give
the SSS and other security agencies the information it needs to curtail future operations?

The SSS said its men first came under attacks. If they were first shot at, how many of its men were injured? The operation took place in the dead of the night isn’t it? The SSS should tell Nigerians the casualty figure if any on its part. At least we all heard that nine ‘terrorist’ were killed.

The SSS said it went to dig up hidden arms at the Apo Legislative Quarters. Like it is always done, why didn’t the SSS show these arms or weapons to the members of the public? We only saw dead and injured people, but we didn’t see any weapon allegedly carried by them. Here too, the SSS has failed to adequately convince Nigerians. The SSS should know that Nigerians are enlightened and will definitely ask questions; so it was supposed to put it house in orders.

We cannot forget in a hurry that on the 8 June, 2005, the police killed some traders in what became popularly known as Apo six. After killing those trader, the police set their dead bodies up by saying that they were criminals. The police falsely kept arms on these bodies and took pictures of them. The trauma to the families of the deceased remains incalculable.

Some of these bodies had to be exhumed in order to know the cause of death years after they were buried.

In fact on the day the SSS went on that killing rampage at Apo, suspected Boko Haram members dressed in Military uniforms had a swell time killing over 145 people in Bornu State. Where was the Army when these people were have a great time carrying out these killings? This new move by the terrorist must be check-mated. If it fails to do this, then the tension already generated will heighten, because people will find it difficult to trust the genuine Military men. The reason is not far fetched, how do you differentiate between a genuine Military man from a terrorist in Military Uniform? It’s high time we found a lasting solution to these cowards who terrorise our lives and have threatened the existence of this nation.

As a people, we have had too many deaths and pains caused by these terrorists. Therefore, we cannot withstand more deaths caused by people who are supposed to the protecting us and helping us to find solutions to the insecurity we currently have and help allay our fears. If the terrorist and security agencies all kill civilians, then where lies the hope of security for an insecured people? God bless Nigeria

Frank O Ijege, [email protected]
Foijege on twitter

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