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Morinho second coming

By Eborah Christian chinedu

Jose morinho, the suave, intelligent and confident manager of chelsea fc looked disappointed, mesmerized, helpless and unhappy as his wards lost 1-2 at the famous Stanford bridge home ground to an unfancied fc basel of Switzerland side yesterday. In what was supposed to be a formality match on his return to champions league summit with chelsea, Jose was rudely shocked by a vibrant, disrespectful, and businesslike fc basel youngstars. Surely, the alarm bells have started ringing at the bridge as Jose accomplishes a rare three match losing strick. Reknowned as a tactician who hardly loses on home pitch, morinho legendary invisibility of nearly a decade is seriously on the line. In six matches Jose have won only two, drew one and lost three. Probably his worst start to a reason in ten straight years. The morinho phenomenon began soon after the young fc porto manager won the coverted champions league trophy with a relatively young and unexperienced side defeating powerful clubs like Manchester united in their stride. With a revolution on at chelsea, the billionaire owner of the club, Roman abromavish snaped up

Jose. He quickly continued on his winning ways. He went on to win all but the champions league cup with chelsea. Three years on, he left to inter Milan. His stint was very successful culminating in champions league success. And then to the summit he headed. The indomitable real Madrid football club experience for Jose, was a combination of the good, the bad and the ugly. After three years, he returned to the bridge where every body loves him. On his return, he described himself as "the happy one." Am a big fan of Jose morinho. No football manager has made any significant kind of impression on me like Jose. Many call him arrogant and boastful, but i disagree. I think he deserves to be arrogant as he is so good at what he does. Also, i consider one boastful only when he knows nothing about what he claims. Jose knows football and he loves being a manager. But, some hunch tells me his second missionary journey to chelsea will end in a fiasco. First, he returned after chelsea had won the much desired champions league cup. What more to accomplish? Though Jose seems obsessed with the desire to make history with three different clubs, his second coming may be a mistake. Among several questionable decisions Jose has taken on arrival, making Juan Mata, that petite Spanish midfield mastro, a fringe player this season, after his feat as chelsea best player in his first two seasons at the club, may prove the costliest. Why thinker with the midfield? I hope Jose turns the situation around quickly as the billionaire owner is hardly patient with managers. Everyone knows the hire and fire culture at chelsea. Ironicaly, the best results have been delivered by interim managers, a jinx Jose seems doomed to experience. Jose can yet do very well at chelsea but, i wonder aloud - why did chelsea sack that young current tottenham fc manager? Time may tell.