Skill Acquisition Workshop For Hawul Youth

By Ibrahim-Gwamna Mshelizza

The Chairman of Hawul Local Government Council Mr. Daniel Musa Malang has organized a One Week long Skills Acquisition Workshop for youth in his area to stem the tide of growing Graduate unemployment.

The Workshop which is in conjunction with the National Directorate of Employment (NDE) is to empower the youth of Hawul with skills that would enable them create jobs to absorb the unemployed.

Speaking to our corresoondent in Maiduguri, Mr.Daniel Malang said,"Hawul Local Government has morr than 5000 unemployed gradutes so we organized the workshop to assist our gradustes in becoming job creators instead of job seekers".

"My Council has also renovated classroom blocks and condtructed new ones at Gula, Tashan Alade, Aga-Bura, Teba, Dangula, Wakdang, and Wuyaku in Gwandxang ward in addition to completion of Dispensaries and Health Centres at Mulbiya, Tawiwi, Gharang and Kirbitu to improve the living standard of thempeople" he said.

Mr. Daniel Malang's administration in Hawul has also drilled a borehole at Ghuma and extended the pipelines to supply Azare tue council's headquarters with clean water.

The Local Government council has also sold 10 trucks of fertilizer directly to genuine farmers at the open markets within the area to ease transportstion problems for the beneficiaries.