False Claims And Destructive Ways Of The Igbo

By Tokunboh Aremo Oduah

There is someone who knows the Igbos (he is also Igbo) more than they know themselves, his name is Prof. Osuji Ozodi.

Hear what he says about the Igbos:
"Many Igbos have narcissistic, anti-social and or paranoid personality disorders; paranoia is an attempt to believe what is not true about one's self as true; the paranoid personality posits a false grandiose image of himself and believes that he is such a special person and wants other people to kowtow to his madness and see him as he wants to be seen: a very important person; other people being healthy see him as like them, ordinary, and he feels angry at them for not seeing him as the imaginary god he thinks that he is.

I am a guy who says things about me that many persons do not tell others about themselves. I am not motivated by need to maintain good social face hence hide facts about me that do not present me in good light. Thus, somewhere I wrote that I inherited certain genetic disorders (cytochrome c oxidase deficiency and spondilolysis); I observed that some children with these medical disorders tend to wound up in wheel chairs and die in their adolescent years.

Certain Igbos took that piece of information about me (they always seek out negative information about people and use it to attempt blackmailing them; they seldom say nice things about folks...around them you must watch what you say, for as amoral people they would misuse whatever snippet of information they gain about you) and proceeded to say that they know who I am (they don't) and that I am in wheel chairs! They did not stop right there. Their childishly fertile imagination proceeded to say all kinds of nasty things about me, all false.

They articulated these lies about me with seeming certainty that some of their fellow country bumpkins actually believed in them! In their childish minds they have shamed me (anthropologists tell us that folks living in primitive cultures, as Igbos are, employ shame to get people to conform to their primitive ways; they shame those who deviate from their nefarious ways) and made me seem like a social nobody, a nothing hence not to be taken seriously, not to be listened to. In their minds folks would only listen to what they say.

Alas, folks automatically know that they are telling lies and do not listen to them; folks, in fact, correctly evaluate them to be lunatics (only mad men believe in the improbable statements they make about folks).

Assuming that it is indeed the case that I am in wheel chairs one would think that if they are developmentally adults, not the mentally retarded, emotionally arrested and underdeveloped persons they are, they would have compassion for me and do whatever they could to help me. But in their warped minds compassion is out of the question (except when they present themselves as victims and beg for other people's sympathy and love).

Their minds are generally devoted to seeking ways to rip-off people; to take from people but seldom to give to people; they are takers and seldom givers; they do not help folks but would take from folks; in fact, they would take food from starving children's mouths. They are self-centered, unprincipled and amoral opportunists; they are always looking out for ways to stiff folks and steal from them rather than help them out.

These people do not seek ways to uplift mankind's down trodden minds but add to their already intolerable suffering. Apparently, nobody told them that it is better to give than to receive, to serve people rather than exploit them.

And the sad part of it all is that they claim to be Christians; apparently, they are too daft to understand that what it means to be a Christian is to love and serve people rather than degrade and abuse them. They are anything but Christians; in my book, they are heathen and savages!

All that matters to them is to present themselves to the world as very important persons; they are always comparing themselves to other people and want to seem better than you but would not lift a finger to help you if you are in need.

Those who engage in such behaviors, in my judgment, are sub-human beings; it is insulting to consider them human beings, for human beings are different from animals because they have the capacity to love and help one another, whereas predatory animals merely take from other animals and do not care for the welfare of other animals.

Those who deliberately go out of their ways to tell lies about other people, who aim at rubbishing the name of people are evil persons"- Prof. Osuji.

My take:
This man is 100% right as some Igbo criminals have done this to me.

They have hacked into my system and used all he information obtained about me to spread all kinds of lies and disparagement about me including defrauding my Halifax and NatWest accounts in East London (this is on record with the banks). They hacked my house phone, hacked and cloned my mobile phones to listen to my conversations with people or to trace my movements.

Two months ago one of them...'Nwachukwu Ugbochukwu' boasted onAdeyinka Grandson's wall that, it was Igbo people who engineered the deportation of Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo from Canada (by roping her in a crime she did not commit) all because she said she hate Igbos.

On the same Adeyinka's wall, one Tochukwu Michael Okonkwo said, Igbo have finished their investigations on Adeyinka Grandson and he can confirm that they guy has mental problems (lol), he said, Adeyinka and his family are beggars in London and they (Ibo) are working towards his deportation back to Nigeria...he repeated this on Space For Action Group page.

And last week, nearly all their so called Scholars wrote one articles or the other to tell series of damaging lies about Femi Fani-Kayode, all because he wrote an article in defense of his fatherland (Yorubaland).

You can now see how dangerous and desperate these people can be. You can now see that, these people are truly suffering from have narcissistic, anti-social and or paranoid personality disorders as argued by Prof. Osuji.

Before I finish this essay I will examine an absurd claim that the igbo often make which reflects an inferiority complex, a deep case self-delusion and which borders on the sociopathic. Wherever they settle they often boast that they control all the money that is there and that they have more businesses than anyone else. They often suggest that they have more business acumen and that they are more successful at business than any other tribe in Nigeria yet this is not true.

These strange stories that Igbos are more industrious than the Yoruba people, where do they come from? Is it because Yoruba people think big and never settle for profits from petty trading?

The Igbos have not excelled more than Yoruba people in any kind of business at an advanced level, with the exception of the long haul coach and bus business. In the transportation business generally how many igbo people own the largest private airport on the African continent like Wale Babalakin.

Tell me the Igbos that are mega industrialists like Folawiyo, Okoya, Adedoyin, Akindele and Awosika. Of the 10 leading banks in Nigeria, 8 of them used to have yoruba people as shareholders with the controlling interest, until Sanusi Lamido Sanusi launched his campaign.

Today, four are still owned by Yoruba people and only one by an Igbo. Telecoms, one Ijebu businessman built a massive telecoms company single handedly. No Igbo man can boast of such. The first four leading oil distributors are Yoruba. Of the 10 leading Nigerian businessmen, 6 are Yoruba.

The highest indigenous employers of labour are Yoruba people. Look at all the companies in Ikeja- they were all invited by the Western Region Government in the First Republic. If Igbos leave Lagos today, these companies will still hold high in their elegant skyscrapers. Igbos can't hold Lagos or anywhere in the country hostage.

The stereotype claim is that the Yoruba are the agberos of Lagos but you will be surprised to know that many Igbos in Lagos are actively involved in the transport business, some of them also play omo oni le with their Yoruba friends and some of them are street beggars as well. They would have denied this if Fashola had not deported them.

Many Igbo people are on the payroll of Yoruba businessmen. If you go to their region, you will see GTB, Oando, FCMB, GLO, Con Oil, Nicon Insurance, Sahara Oil, Bicourtney all owned by Yorubas. How many Igbo companies provide mass employment in comparison?

If you take away all the companies owned by Yoruba businessmen what is left? The truth, hurtful as it can be, is that the leading industrialists and entrepreneurs are Yoruba people and they built Lagos with their mega business skills.

This was what attracted Igbos- the tribe of wanderers and gypsys. Igbos cannot even boast of business skills when they speak with successful businessmen in the Midwest.

The Midwest can boast of companies like Zenith bank, UBA, Ibru and co. and Etisalat, They can boast of Arik Air and Aerocontractors. A man from the Midwest by the name of Festus Okotie Eboh tackled your most respected Nnamdi Azikiwe and shook his power-base as the financier of the NCNC party.

I don't share the view that Igbos have superior business skills. The business men many of us admire are entrepreneurs like Wale Tinubu, Fola Adeola, Segun Agbaje, Subonmi Balogun, Kayode Odukoya, Deinde Fernandez, Tope Sonubi, Tunde Fagbemi, Kase Lawal, Harry Akande and Mike Adenuga and not the glorified petty traders and trouble makers.

What the Igbos are doing is psychological warfare. If their lies are not checked and set straight they will have a negative effect on the psyche of future generations of the Yoruba. A lot of blacks in America are suffering from the lies white historians have perpetrated. For a long time blacks were made to feel inferior to their white counterparts.

We can not allow the Igbos to continue with their lies against the Yorubas unabated. We have a responsibility as patriotic Yorubas to set the record straight. If it means being tagged a tribalist, that is fine,

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