Yar'Adua: Senate passes constitution amendment

Source: africanexaminer.com

The senate has finally resolved the constitution crisis that arose following a long stay of

President Yar'Adua for medical trip abroad by amending the controversial section s 145

and 190 of the 1999 constitution.
The new amendments, it is now mandatory for Vice President or Deputy Governor in

case of state to assume the mantle of leadership of the country in Acting capacity within

14 days if the President or Governor fails to transmit a letter to the National Assembly or

State House of Assembly to notify it of his vacation or his inability to perform duties.

The senate however rejected a proposal by senator Bassy Ewa-Henshaw for Acting

President to automatically becomes a substantive President after acting for 90 days and

if the President is still incapacitated to rule.
The final passage of the bill that led to the amendment of the sections did not go easy as

senators voted by name count rather than the usual voice vote to ensure that the

constitution provision of two-third majority of lawmakers is achieved.

At the end of the voting, 89 senators endorsed the amendment, 17 senators were absent

while two senators , Garba Lado from Katsina state and senator Yayale Kaka from Borno

state voted against the bill.
The senate is expected to harmonize its position with the House of Representatives

before forwarding it to State House of Assemblies to get two-third of the assemblies

before the amendment could stand

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