Oduah clarifies delay in paying compensations

By The Citizen

The Minister of Aviation, Princess Stella Oduah, on Monday explained why families of victims of last June DANA air crash are yet to receive their compensations.

The minister said, although 30 percent of the payment had been made the issue of multiple claimants and litigation had been a major challenge.

Oduah, who spoke through her Special Assistant on Media, Joe Obi, in Abuja, said the federal government was working to ensure that compensations are being paid to legitimate next of kin.

She said: 'We will continue to share the loss suffered by these families. Our heart and condolences go out to them. The issue of compensation like the minister has said on Thursday, all efforts are being intensified by the Ministry of Aviation and the Federal Government to ensure that every victim's family is fully compensated according to the regulations.

'One of the greatest obstacles is that in some cases, you have multiple claimants and the greatest injustice somebody can do to the deceased is to pay compensation to somebody that does not deserve or warrant it.

'We are taking our time deliberately to ensure that compensation is given to the right person so a situation where you have multiple claimant, you must make a deliberate effort to identify the legitimate next of kin.'