Dana Air crash: 11 families get $100,000 compensation each

By The Rainbow

Close to a year after the fatal crash of Dana Air plane in Lagos, only 11out of the 125 families whose relations were killed in the crash have received full of $100,000.

The crash occurred June 3, 2012 at Iju-Ishaga  a few minutes before landing.

153 passengers and crew members died in the accident while about 10 persons lost their lives on ground with colossal damages to properties.

International Air Transport Association (IATA) stipulates  $100,000 compensation for air crash victims

According to Dana Air spokesman, Mr. Tony Usidamen, while updating journalists on the company's efforts at fulfilling the mandatory compensation, 95 of the 125 families had received the initial payment of $30,000.

The briefing took place in Lagos on Monday.
Usidamen said that 21 of the families had just submitted documents from the Probate Registry to enable them claim full compensation. He said that when the 21 families received the final payment of $100,000, the total number of families fully compensated would rise to 32.

Besides, 65 of the bereaved families, including Nigerians and foreigners, have sued the  airline for perceived negligence over the crash.

However, eight families are yet to show up for claims.

The airline spokesman  exonerated the airline from blame over the delay in the payment of the compensation.

He said the  payment of full compensation to the families was being  delayed due to late submission of documents, multiple entries from relatives and internal wrangling among the families.

According to him, the airline would ensure that those who had submitted documents were fully paid.

Usidamen said that out of the nine families affected on ground by the accident,  seven had been given partial settlement while other two refused to collect the initial payment.

He stressed that Pastor Daniel Omowunmi, whose properties were destroyed and had demanded N500m compensation had also received initial payment of $30,000, adding that the airline and its insurance companies were still negotiating with the pastor.

He said: 'The process of compensation is being handled by our insurance companies and as a responsible organisation; we need to get updates from our insurance companies. Negotiations are ongoing with the victims. The claims are completed and sent to our insurers who will appoint a valuer to evaluate the properties on ground before the accident.

'Unlike in the case of the victims onboard, which is spelt out by ICAO, ground victims have no clear cut on compensation. But all the victims will be compensated to the extent of their losses. The allegation that we've abandoned the ground families is not true, negotiations are going on, but agreement has not been reached.'