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After a seemingly uninspiring performance at the concluded 27th Africa Nations in Angola, Super Eagles and Wolfsburg of Germany striker Obafemi Martins says there is no cause for alarm over his poor form in front of goal at the tournament and that things like that is not unusual in the game. “Sometimes striking waters do run dry for no reason at all, only to start flowing as suddenly as it stopped.”

The VfL Wolfsburg of Germany forward stated in an interview that his poor marksmanship was not due to injury but because football sometimes turn out to be a game in which players miss chances, or convert it, adding that he felt sad about what happened to him at the tournament, just like any other Super Eagles fan would naturally feel.

“I will not say football is crazy, I will just say football is funny. If you have chances, it is better than not having. If you don't have chances as a striker, you are useless. For the fact that we had some chances, which we failed to convert, and which is a little bit difficult for me to explain. Like any other striker, I don't like missing chances. But, that was apart from my injury,” he said.

Martins did not refute the fact that he was injured before the competition and therefore not at his full fitness level. But he was quick to add that all that was not a good enough excuse. “Once you have accepted your invitation to join the camp, you have agreed to play and therefore, it is your guarantee for a good performance. Based on this, I apologise to my fans and to all Nigerians.”

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