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That islam is a religion of hate is as clear as eggs is eggs. The hegemonic dictatorship and enclavistic manipulations replete in islam inform of a behind-the –clock religion enmeshed in pre-modern ideologies that want to put back the hand of the clock in 2013. The success or failure is the extent pragmatic minds as enthroned in United Nations pragmatic refereeing of world Politik, handle the jig-saw. It is plausibly ambidextrous to imagine a nation as Iran claim state religion and still would want United Nations founded on freelance ethos of civility to support it develop a society embedded in hate of other religions. Is it to further the course of continued abasement of Christians as “People of the Book” as “prophet” Mohammed called them in his life time?

Presently, Iran last Week, today is 06-02-2013, imprisoned Christians for leading house fellowships in Teheran. This is taking place in the twenty first century when the world is opting to secularize to solve archaic religious practice. This is coming on the heels of the Arab spring when Arab and muslim majority nations are wanting to open up their borders to democratic secularity. The world cannot get any better by the islamic archaic practice of apostactic punishment of death and related wickedness.

For Christ's sake, this is 21st century and not 622 AD when “prophet” Mohammed established muslim faith in Medina, his mother's place. We cannot afford cage the mind on backward practices such as evidenced in imprisoning people of unsimilar faith. What for, if I may ask?

Are the leaders of Iran saying it is evil for one to practice his religion? How can you imprison someone for practicing his religion outside yours? So, only islam should be allowed to exist in a world of many faiths? No wonder islam is cured. No wonder Mohammed is a “prophet” of Satan. No wonder Arab spring is wanting to change the pace in muslim dominated enclaves.

Iran is the problem in Syria. Iran with Russia and China is the impasse in Syria. Israel must not rest on its oars and allow Iran have its way. Every nuclear armament in Iran must be destroyed. Every Uranium exploitation for the development of weapon of mass destruction must be destroyed. muslim-majority nations, due to the deceit of islam, must not be allowed to own weapon of mass destruction. The problem of world is islam.

Russia and China must be technically dealt with economically to amputate their request into Iran's nuclear weapons. The world can never get better with Iran, Russia and China hobnobbing for nuclear weaponry.

Comrade Kindness Innocent Jonah.
Comrade Kindness Innocent Jonah is a seasoned Human Rights Activist and an unbiased National Commentator. Also visit these facebook sites: Justice Stand, Nigeria Unity and Kindness Innocent Jonah. Read his write-ups also in: the [email protected] His Facebook Account is kindness Innocent Jonah. Please visit his site.


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