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Those who know the in and out of islam as a religion are never confused with the dummy “islam means peace”. It is only those with eyes but no sense to even understand what is an open secret that the problem of this world is islam. How can you see what is happening in the whole world and still say that islam is peace? Is peace war? Is peace terrorism? Is peace Fatua? Is peace arm-amputation? Is peace bokoharam, ansa dine, hezbola al-quaida or al-quaida in islamic Mayhreb? What is peace? Why is it that people would see what islam is doing and still say islam is peace? If islam is peace what then is peace as different from bloodshed?

The very life of Mohammed as the “prophet” of allah is a life of bloodshed. He instituted islamic faith called muslim faith in 622 AD in Medina. Arab tribe by then was polytheistic, that is, believers in many deities. He forcefully killed and converted them to islam. He then proceeded with his second in command caliph Abu Bakr to Mecca which was stronghold of Arabic religion and killed and converted them in 632 AD, the same year he died.

caliph Abu Bakr took over and continued the killing, maiming of non-believers in islam. Between 640 – 643 AD, he massively decimated, killed and Arabiscized the whole of North African black Nuabians and Berbers and repopulated them with Arabs so that today most people don't even know or are surprised to hear that the entire Africa was a Black Race. There is nothing like North Africa being White Africa or Arab Africa. Egyptians, Mauritanians, Moroccans, Algerians, Sudan, Libya and Tunisia were all Black. caliph Abu Bakr killed them off and repopulated them with Arabs. Don't even the fact that they tell you that they are Arabs boldly inform you that they are not Africans?

Arab was not synonymous with islamic religion until the conquest of the second Caliph Omar in 662 AD after the death of the first caliph Aba Bakr in 661 AD. The world over is replete with islamic massacre in every society. How can islam then be peace?

If Mohammed was a prophet, he was a satanic prophet, prophet of doom. Hence, there is 0% difference between and 100% sameness of terrorism with islamic religion. There is no difference between islam and terrorism. islam and terrorism are the save thing expressed in two ways.

The only thing that United Nations can do is to enforce secularity of states for all member states where no religion plays any role in governance. The practice of islam is prehistoric. islam does not separate religion from governance which is why they are archaic and murderous. Thirty (30) years after the death of “prophet” Mohammed, exactly in 662 AD, a year after caliph Abu Bakr, caliph Omar made monarchy a way of governance in islam. From 662 AD to 2009 AD when Arab spring started, about 1,347 years, all Arab nations had been well entrenched in monarchy as a form of governance. Hence, as one family is made male chauvinistic, paternity is preferred to others as the royal blood lineage while others cannot smell or near the seat of power for ever. This religion of islam is from the pit of hell. United Nations must do something to stop eternally and finally, this prehistoric religion that is against Modernity.

Comrade Kindness Innocent Jonah.
Comrade Kindness Innocent Jonah is a seasoned Human Rights Activist and an unbiased National Commentator. Also visit these facebook sites: Justice Stand, Nigeria Unity and Kindness Innocent Jonah. Read his write-ups also in: the [email protected] His Facebook Account is kindness Innocent Jonah. Please visit his site.


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