Ohakim’s High Billing Protection Mission

By Odimegwu Onwumere

While the Imo State people wait for September 30, 2009, when the Imo legislators are expected to submit its report on the on-going probe against Mr. Ikedi Ohakim, their governor, over the N1 billion State fund and other billions of naira he ostensibly disbursed to make his cross-carpeting to the ruling People's (Un)Democratic Party (PDP) a reality, it was a great shock to read that Ohakim said in the dailies that he received the news of the death of Chief Gani Fawehinmi with shock, a man he described a “dogged a fighter”. Ohakim stated that Gani's death came to him as a shock and that Gani would be seriously missed, especially now that Nigeria has attained Democracy Gani laboured hard to see.

But while Ohakim saw Gani as a “dogged fighter” who has left a blueprint of justice and consciousness of the truth in the minds of Nigerians, did Ohakim think of what he would be remembered for anytime he leaves the Imo governor's seat? Perhaps, Ohakim would be remembered as a defector who dashed the hopes of many Imo people who trusted in him by his defective from the Progressive People's Alliance (PPA) to the PDP. Perhaps, Ohakim would be remembered for throwing confusion into the PPA that made him, for the PDP's exaltation after he defected. Perhaps, Ohakim would be remembered for the New Face of Imo, which only existed in his imagination, while the Old Order is still intact. Perhaps, Ohakim would be remembered for selling his conscience to the PDP for the Imo people to writhe in doubt.

On the bench of the Imo legislators, reportedly are in the unreliable probe of Ohakim, can they throw in a surprise that Ohakim is indicted if they were not formed for Ohakim's protection mission in the process of the probe? Speaker Goodluck Opiah who can be best be described as a stooge and Ohakim's surrogate will never stop looking but doesn't ask questions on the things he sees because he has sold the stomach of truth on the alter of lies, which “2nd Term” should be held responsible for. Mr. Speaker, what is in the New Face of Imo if a very Old Face like Mr. Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu, could be the Board of Trustee Chairman of Ohakim's political organization, the New Face organization?

However, Ohakim's protection mission to save his political career by defecting to the PDP and the formation of the committee that would probe him should serve as a lesson to Imo people. Imo people should stop relying on wealth as a determining factor instead of honest disposition.

Imo people should always be worried because Ohakim's defection attitude and the subsequent results after, have buttressed him as a man who have little or no idea to take Imo State forward. Imagine that Ohakim's love for joining PPA was to attain what he couldn't attain in the 2007 elections from the PDP!

Notwithstanding, many observers of the state politics know that Ohakim never left the PDP (in the mind), but he joined the PPA for the quest for position. So, did the PDP use PPA to battle their compound problem with Mr. Ifeanyi Araraume? Are a lot of Imo people not regretting they would have been better with Araraume because Ohakim has goofed? They see Ohakim's political prostitution as nauseating and are wishing Imo people would learn their mistake from Ohakim who has become their most selfish governor of their time. Only God will deliver Imo people from this Ohakim's “madness” which is oozing out bad odour; very shameful.

But in all, more disappointment might come September 30th, 2009, when the Imo Legislators would submit the probe report which was only bent to protect Ohakim. Also, very shameful!

Odimegwu Onwumereis the founder of Poet Against Child Abuse (PACA), and a Media Consultant based in Rivers State. Mobile: +2348032552855. Email: [email protected]