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DIGIGLOBAL connects with world superstar Akon & the Konfidence Foundation

By Juice Bigfellow
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At a recent Thanksgiving event in Atlanta, DIGIGLOBAL Media introduced new paradigms into the world of freelance reporting and journalistic occupations. Stepping up to the task of bringing home the benevolence of world renowned superstar and philanthropist Aliaune Thiam aka Akon, it afforded this Senegalese bred icon the opportunity to conceptualize his efforts to bring hope and relief to the youth in Africa and the United States through his charitable organization The Konfidence Foundation.

This year's Thanksgiving event extended the vision further with a practical effort to feed the needy and highlight all the reasons for such a good disposition to reach Africa and elsewhere. Naturally, Akon's exposure to the plight of the Senegalese youth and those around here in the USA prompted his willingness to bridge the poverty gap.

For the executives of DIGIGLOBAL Media, reaching out to the deprived by the production of news reports such as this only proves this multimedia's stance to connect the world around us by engaging ambassadors and personalities who attempt to do big things in little ways.

Juice Bigfellow now presents this Thanksgiving special - a movement by the Konfidence Foundation in Atlanta.