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Friends are number one influence in lives of Nigerian youths, research shows

By Kenneth Obasi EZE
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Lagos, Nigeria; October 14, 2012: Friends are the number one influencer of life passions and success decisions among youths in Nigeria, according to a survey among youths in 15 African countries. The survey by TNS examined the key factors that affect life choices and success decisions by young persons age 13-30.

According to the survey, factors that influence youths in Nigeria in order of importance are friends, parents, and celebrities.

Other influencers are religious leaders, television, and radio.

Next are Internet, teachers, and politicians.
Sports personalities, social media and the print media then follow.

In Nigeria, 46 out of every 317 respondents interviewed are influenced by friends as they face the challenge of making quality life decisions and channelling their passions towards achieving success.

The consensus view is also that knowing the right people through well-cultivated friendships helps in achieving life goals. This is in addition to such enablers as determination, responsiveness and self-belief.

This outlook to achieving life goals was the focus October 9 at the Lagos Sheraton Hotel & Towers as Airtel Nigeria launched a new thematic campaign that urges youths to build on their friendships and network their way to success.

The Airtel Padi Na Good Thing O campaign would run on broadcast, print, social media as well as outdoors.

Padi Na Good Thing O celebrates the virtues and benefits of friendship and how being in a network of friends can enable one achieve success faster.

The television commercial of the campaign is a narrative on a young Nigerian singer, Half Dollar, who, though immensely gifted, could not find his needed big break until his network of friends pulled together efforts to get him a lucrative recording deal.

Speaking at the event, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director, Airtel Nigeria, Deepak Srivastava affirmed that the new campaign is a reinforcement of the company's belief in friendship as a key influencer and enabler of success especially among youths.

“True friends listen when we speak; comfort us when we are sad; wipe our tears when we cry and motivate us even as we strive for success. At Airtel, we have always recognized this reality and this has continued to dictate the design of our pocket-friendly products and services that have helped to shape, build and keep both social and economic relationships of our customers alive since we commenced operation barely two years ago.

“Our leading role as the 'pro-people network' is reflected in our bespoke range of products, services and offerings including the 500 percent bonus offer, which is currently the rave of the moment, 2Good packages, Wazobia, Club 10, Quick Talk and Club Business, to mention but a few.”

Mr. Srivastava also stated that the company was enthralled by the passion for success among Nigerians. According to him, “These attributes are in consonance with the universal knowledge that people can get well ahead of their vision by knowing the right people and staying connected with them.”

Indeed, Airtel Nigeria has become notable for its trademarked tradition of creating platforms for talents discovery, creation of opportunities for stardom, citizenship empowerment and connecting people with best-in-class telecoms solutions. Airtel is doing this through the Airtel Rising Stars football tournament, and sponsorship of the Nigeria Got Talent, among other activities.

In two years of taking over an existing network, Airtel Nigeria has changed the paradigm for tariffs and customer service in Nigeria as reflected in its winning of three awards for customer friendliness, innovation and quality at the recent Nigerian Telecom Awards. Airtel has also grown its customer base significantly in the two-year period.