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Lessons From Senegal


The news about the abolishment of the Senegalese senate in order to help victims of recent floods that left thirteen people dead and thousands homeless in the country is an inspiring story of the modern African society.

Although some quarters view the move as a ploy to weaken opposition in the country, what we know is that $15million is a whole lot to better the lives of the flood victims as well as set up measures to reduce the impart of such disasters in the future.

Unfortunately, Nigeria, a country though rich yet poor in the management of human and natural resources as well as disasters, has been experiencing massive flooding and erosion across its states, yet little or nothing has been done to help victims of such disasters and also prevent losses resulting from such unannounced natural phenomenon, rather government and policy makers have continually continued to pay lip service to germane issues that affect Nigerians who are human beings.

In our sincerity of heart as a people, can our government be so concerned about our survival and welfare in the face daunting environmental challenges and their insatiable quest for wealth and position?

Why can't we learn good lessons from our African brothers like Senegal-that government exists for the people, to guarantee and provide the fundamentals life?

When will our leaders understand that leadership and indeed governance comes with sacrifices and commitments towards a well-sustained society?

Undoubtedly, development cannot be experienced until people either leaders or followers learn to be selfless, dedicated and responsible towards the noble cause of nation building.


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