Hold IBB responsible for Boko Haram-Oodua Group

By Apapo Oodua Koya
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Press Statement Ibadan August 6, 2012 The Apapo Oodua Koya (AOKOYA)has expressed support for the statement credited to Ijaw leader, Chief Edwin Clark that former military dictator, General Ibrahim Babangida gives undercover support to the Islamic fundamentalist group, Boko Haram.

In a statement on Monday, AOKOYAsaid the position of Chief Clark is a reflection of what everyone on the streets of Nigeria thinks and that the Ijaw leader had only taken the bull by the horn by stating what is the believe of most Nigerians.

“General Ibrahim Babangida was solely responsible for the growth of terrorism in Nigeria. His government could not account for the killers of the late Dele Giwa, the Oko-Oba 8, the Dawodu brothers who were murdered in cold blood in Lagos and many cases of state-sponsored deaths within and outside the security services, a chain of awful events that culminated in the killing of his own best man, General Maman Vatsa and his benefactor, Chief Moshood Abiola AOKOYA in a statement signed by Mr Akinwunmi Adeolu stated. AOKOYA said Boko Haram was motivated by the lack of the right to peaceful protest in Nigeria, since all protests have been marched by violent repression, the growing extreme poverty which IBB's Structural Adjustment Programme, (SAP) kickstarted, the overcentralisation of power which as enthrenched in the military constitution handed over to Nigerians in 1999, corruption which IBB nurtured, and worst of all, the sponsorship of violence by the elite of which IBB is a notorious master. This is apart from the public suspicion that IBB is funding Boko Haram in order to destabilize the country and help return the Hausa-Fulani to power through a military coup.”

The group said the 8 years of IBB rule were dedicated to entrenching Hausa-Fulani interests through the creation of local governments and states, undue empowerment of his kinsmen that carried in their wombs eternal sources of contradictions and violence. He killed the students' movement, trampled on human dignity, strangulated the labor movement and let loose a culture of violence, armed gangsterism, killings and hate. This was one of the plots that are behind the incessant killings in Plateau, Bauchi and Yobe States. IBB is a man of violence; he said it after the June 12 election annulment when he said on national TV that he was 'master in the art of violence.”

We observe that IBB has failed to condemn Boko Haram and instead he has resorted to attacking the person of Chief Edwin Clark instead of debating the issues the statesman has raised. “In his usual pattern, he has deployed violent and hate language to express himself. His policy is that if you cannot hit the ball, hit the footballer. We support the views expressed by Chief Clark. We are cocksure that as the fullness of time, Babangida and his cohorts will be brought to justice wither in Nigeria or in the international courts for his crime against humanity.”

Though IBB employed strategies to safe his Hausa-Fulani tribe, however, history has now proved that his strategies were destructive, counter-productive and did show neither wisdom nor intelligence. “IBB has set the country on an irreversible path of division, he should be held fully responsible for the calamity that has been hunting Nigeria for the past two decades. We urge him to summon courage to apologise to Nigerians and Africa, for his political and economic programmes which have led to impoverishment, backwardness and deprivation of the Nigerian people.”

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