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Passionate about realizing the Nigerian dream of unity, prosperity, happiness and peace for every citizen, Onajite Malcolm Tagbarha, a visionary poet, has come up with a collection of poems entitled, Nigerian Passport 2 Greatness: Live, Learn, Leave Legacy.

The poems, which extol the greatness of Nigeria, are dedicated to everyone with great mind, who believes in promoting and celebrating the Nigerian culture and heritage.

The author eulogizes the richness, beauty, and greatness of the country, which many people seem to see in the negative.

As a poet, the author demonstrates his pride as a Nigerian, hence, he uses his poems to motivate everyone to do the same and to realise the boundless potentials of the country.

He believes that the Nigerian dream could be achieved if people live and uphold the seven national ethics of patriotism, discipline, integrity, dignity of labour, religious tolerance, self-reliance and social justice. All these are listed in Chapter Two, paragragh 23 of the 1999 Consitution, but many Nigerians chose to ignore them.

Also, Tagbarha said that the Nigerian dream can be realized if people can utilize their God given gifts, talents, resources, energy, relationships and opportunities to the maximum. He uses his poems to buttress the point that if these ethics are imbibed, Nigeria would be a force to reckon with in the comity of nations.

According to the poet, Nigeria's greatness does not only depend on what happens in also Rock, but largely on what happens inside individual's mind/ rock.

Therefore, the book, Nigerian Passport 2 Greatness: Live, Learn, Leave Legacy, is a mental and social reformative capsule that will revive the sleeping giant, Nigeria, and take her to her rightful place of greatness.

The poet states: 'Indeed, this sleeping giant is you; this sleeping giant is me; this sleeping giant is Nigeria.'

The book is a wake-up call for everyone to rise from slumber and contribute positively to rebuild Nigeria so it can flourish in her full glory.

Each poem takes a page. Some of the subjects include: Nigeriasship, Search, Black Gold, The Power Source, Proudly Nigeria, NYSC, Change Makers, Human Capital, Beyond Challenge and Great Nigeria.

Aside the inspiring poems, which are freely written not particularly in conformity with conventional rules, the book provides additional information on Nigeria such as the National Anthem, National Pledge, States and capitals, public holidays, meaning of the Nigerian coat of arms and the colours of the National flag. There is also a call to join the the Nigerian Passport To Greatness Team.

Tagbarha is Managing Consultant/ CEO of Inspired Vision Worldwide. He is an inspirational speaker, poet and writer. Fondly called Mr. Nigeria, Tagbarha is passionate about motivating Nigerians to serve God, mankind and Nigeria.