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Fulani And President Buhari: Corruption And Lack Of Transparency On Recovered Money By His Government

RE: Former Govt. Officials Willingly Returning Stolen Funds—Buhari
Source: Ugo Harris Ukandu

For the past six months since President Buhari was sworn in, Nigerians have been bombarded with the news that some Nigerian Federal and State Money and assets stolen by corrupt politicians and Government officials have been recovered or returned by past officials of Government who stole these money and assets.

The problem is that it is only sole administrator President Buhari and few of his tribal Fulani and his sectional staffs knows how much is returned and who returned them. If Nigeria and President Buhari is running an honest nation and honest government, the nation should know who returned how much and how many people are returning it.

Nigeria has a legal system and Nigeria have ministry of Finance and Central Bank that based on transparently can handle these types of issues openly and legally, and let the people know what's going on, but every thing about it by Sole Administrator President Buhari is done in secret and no body not even Nigeria National assembly is asking questions. What then do we expect from President Buhari on his war on corruption when corrupt behaviors is hiding corruption.

Why is it that President Buhari is keeping everybody in the dark on how much is recovered and by whom. By hiding the information does it not mean that the is a motive for hiding the amount and the people who returned the money. Why is it that only President Buhari and few of his Fulani inner circles know how much is returned and whom returned the money.Why is President Buhari not making these information public information?.

How can President Buhari fight corruption with these types of secretive games.By hiding these important public information the fight on corruption is defeated already. I notice that it is only his Fulani inner circles and people around him that knows these information, because one of his Fulalni Governor made these statement not long ago about recovered stolen money.

I have said this before about the Fulani, It is interesting that only gullible Nigeria does Fulani have some political power and economic power, and they have abused and looted Nigeria. In the rest of the 15 or more countries they are scattered and live in Africa, they have zero political and zero economic power and are the most destitute and poorest African tribes in Africa. Maybe other African countries that have not given Fulani political and economic power know why, and maybe there have seen how Nigeria have been destroyed by a few minority including the Fulanis that's why Fulani are powerless in all African country they resides except failed corrupt Nigeria.

Every thing about Fulani culture is about monopoly, force, intimidation, violence, looting, copying, cunning and cheating, because in their harsh environment of dry desert livelyhood, harsh climate, daily very hot sun of over 100 degrees, no food, less food for them and their cattle, no grazing land for their cattles and animals, no water, wandering lifestyle it turned them into hungry, insatiable, distressed, aggressive, survival of the fittest animals. Every thing about their culture is not original but to loot and take by force and that's why most countries and other tribes in Africa where Fulani are found do not give them a chance for leadership or economic power but they fooled foolish gullible and divided Nigeria for ages.

Fulani saw cunningly and used Nigeria as a gullible stupid nation of cowards and corrupt laden few that loots and steals from the their people and nation. This is how few corrupt military people, few corrupt politicians, few families and few tribes looted and turn Nigeria into a basket case that is not working and will never work. Fulani is a small tribe in Nigeria of less than 10 million and because Nigeria is a corrupted entity that's why few can loot and corruptly corrupt the nation and they Fulani too are suffering, because they constitutes among the poorest and most destitute of all tribes in Nigeria and in Africa.They are the most distressed, disorganized and desperate tribe in Africa despite the lies and propaganda they have used to confuse some Nigerians and Africans for ages, because the is no important country in Africa Fulani have foothold and that country is working well. Every country that have Fulani does not work, is poor, is destitute, lives on aid and handout. The is no tribe in Africa that is not blessed with abundant mineral resources in Africa only Fulani has less and less of every natural resources, and that is why their leaders resorts to looting, monopolizing, intimidation and corruption as a means of leadership, and Nigeria has been confused by these propaganda for ages especially the Hausas, Yorubas and all the small tribes in Northern Nigeria that are being fooled and suffering till today by Fulani treachery.

Even the Animal rearing and cattle Shepard they are used too, still for over 300 years they cannot device and modernize their means of livelihood from scattered wanderers and wandering. Sedentary living can help them, but they choose the wandering ways that enables them to violate other peoples land, resources, loot and disrupt normal lives for other people, because by their nature they don't have normal lives. Even the animals they claim they breed and rear does not look healthy enough in this modern times, for example look at the many cows President Buhari said he has in his farm and Ranch, does any one of them look healthy enough for a person to eat? no his cows all look sick and emaciated for a former leader with looted Nigeria resources. Give me a break!!!!!!!!

Ugo Harris Ukandu

Disclaimer: "The views/contents expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of Ugo Harris Ukandu and do not necessarily reflect those of The Nigerian Voice. The Nigerian Voice will not be responsible or liable for any inaccurate or incorrect statements contained in this article."

dj | 11/30/2015 9:56:00 AM
What is really going on in nigeria with all these news,nigeria is a fine country but the country is broke because of bad leaders with no accountabilty and is the conutry really safe.
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