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Joe | 12/1/2014 1:34:00 AM
Its not surprising therefore the people of the south west may decides Nigeria next President in 2015. The tribes are in the forefront of politics since independence ,and awareness of the people surpass other tribes . No wonder the formidable opposition party APC zero in at the region while reigning party leaves no stone unturned and continually visit traditional rulers in the region fully aware the danger ahead.Let me says he who the cap fit shall eventually put on the ready crown. As the battle line already drawn between the incubent President Goodluck Jonathan PDP vs Former military General and head of State Mohamad Buhari APC so many unanswered question pending for general Buhari to answer before its too late. 1.What was his role about Boko haram, does he actually meant that Nigeria would be on fire if failed to won 2011 election immediately Boko haram carnage and other related unrest in the northern region skyrocket where thousand innocent killed include NYSC ,and numerous bombblast at bus park ,shopping centers, UN buildings . Another 10 or more market women traders slaughtered in Maiduguri by Boko haram in the name of religion and solidly support by some northern leaders . The time cannever be more right than now for Buhari coming out publicly and defend himself of many Nigerian assumption of being a sympathizer of Islamist extremist like Boko haram. 2.The time has come for Buhari to defend himself over the cancellation of lagos metro subway in the 80s which every Nigerians knows could alleviate traffic menance in the largest business hub of Africa..The same projects which is now under construction cost 4 times or more of the original price is among priority projects embark upon by Babatunde Fashola.of lagos State. 3, Last month Buhari said iit was not a problem flag Muslim /muslim for APC presidential ticket .The ex general position lack sensitivity that Nigeria not a muslim nation but a secular society .of almost 50/50 christian and Muslim. He strengthen and promote Nigeria to became OIC members and fully upport sharia law .where his adminstration tried very hard to impose Sharia law over the country IBB, ABACHA inclusive Lastly, no polititians can influence south west vote and believe other regions should vote for a leader who will take Nigeria foward not backward , even at the time nigeria facing Boko Haram insurgence our economy progressing,and let us ask ourselves if Nigeria is not sabotage by some crude polititians who believes the country cannot be govern and prosper without them result to islamist violence the country gdp probably hit double digit figures and creating more jobs ,and that should be the focus of every nigerians not political division .The country better days still ahead and we should be mindful coming together to fight our number one enemy is superior in tearing one apart and pointing accusing finger to the administration just for political score point . As the election is drawing nearer Nigerian should vote for a leader with vision though it may seems the road ahead is very rough but togetherness we shall conquer the enemy. Nigerian can decides nigeria destiny not foreign country where her interest is to divide us and conquer. Nigerian wake up . Nigeria industrialisation and transformation agenda can be achieved and seems working with jointly effort and stable government far superior to religion rife and sentiment.
Niyi Ogun | 12/1/2014 8:44:00 PM
If Gdp double what did populace benefit? Employement? Nepa tarift? Import duties on imported items? Can d govt published the names of two million job created by the govt? Name, local govt & d name of d org that employed them.
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