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Zara Gretti’s Grave Not Missing—Nikki Laoye Cries Out

Source: Bamidele Adeyemi/
I would personally take it as an offence, if I had this photo story in my archive and stingy enough to not share it; that would be a sin from the highest order. Frankly speaking, I have seen Nigeria music stars rocking and showing off their stunts while performing on stage, well! They are really trying to make crowd watching them go 'WOW' and its all normal. Except when my camera lens had an encounter with EME's boss,BankyW. Oh my GOD! I tripped, I nearly missed my shutter button when Bankky invited this chubby lady on stage for a dance, I never knew this R&B singer could made all the men in the foyer go gaga; the mode at which BankkyW is twirling around her is alarming. The babe herself is not lacking behind, for her; it is just as if world is coming to an end there on stage, when a man like Bankky is digging it real like this, would there be any girl that won't respond diligently? The day I and my camera lens discover that if a lady treats a man right on dancing floor, she deserves a gift or a prize for positioning herself right. There is this journalism terms that; a picture speaks louder than a thousands of words, permit me to present to you 9 photos of dancing stages how Mr. Capable capitalized on his dancing moves to have the kiss of life.

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