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New York: Justina Mutale, Founder & CEO of POSITIVE RUNWAY: The Global Catwalk to Stop the Spread (of HIV/AIDS), who is also African Woman of the Year 2012, has been honoured as UK Humanitarian Ambassador at the 2nd Annual Global Officials of Dignity (G.O.D) Awards hosted by WE CARE for HUMANITY at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, on Friday 20th June 2014.

The Global Officials of Dignity (G.O.D.) Awards recognises and highlights the humanitarian work of some of the members of the world's ancient royal dynasties and honours individuals from across the globe that have demonstrated outstanding civic and charitable stewardship and have significantly improved the quality of life in local and global communities through their expertise, talents and skills.

The Eradication of Poverty; World Peace; Green Environment; Human Rights; Empowerment; Education; and Health & Wellness were the seven main causes featured in the 2nd Annual G.O.D. Awards, which was attended by a myriad of dignitaries, diplomats, celebrities and royalty from across the globe. The event was graced by some of the biggest names involved in humanitarian activities, who travelled from across the world to the United Nations Headquarters in New York to be part of this prestigious and historical global event to set a unified global Humanitarian Agenda.

'It is a great honour and privilege for my work to be recognised on a world class global platform and for me to be honoured among such a distinguished group of dignitaries, diplomats, celebrities and royalty from across the globe'. Says Justina Mutale

Amongst the highest Awards presented was ''Noble Woman of The Year'' presented to Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Queen Shebah Kasambu 'Ra III, Trinidad-born world leader of the African Kingdoms Federation and Federation of the South World Kingdoms. Others included 'Noble Man of The Year'presented to His Imperial Royal Highness, Prince Gharios of Ghassan, the Sovereign Prince of the ancient Christian Arab Dynasty of the Ghassanids. The 'Kings & Queens of the 20th Century Historical Achievement' Award went to His Royal Majesty King Khoebaha II Of the Nubian Khoi San Nation of South Africa. Justina Mutale was honoured as 'UK Humanitarian Ambassador', while Zambia's former representative to the United Nations, His Excellency, Ambassador Isaiah Z. Chabala was honoured as 'Zambia Humanitarian Ambassador'. His Excellency Ambassador Ben Lai, President of the China-US Business Association was honoured as 'Chinese Humanitarian Ambassador', and His Royal Highness, Prince Farid Benaddou Idrissi of the Royal House of Baloi and the ancient Royal Dynasty of Idrissi of Morocco was an Award presenter.

The Award ceremony opened with a Humanitarian Summit addressing the seven causes of WE CARE for HUMANITY, and featured several high level speakers including His Majesty King Nii Kwate Quartey II of Ghana, who represented Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Shebah Kasambu 'Ra - Queen Shebah III to highlight the Empress' Project VII Phoenix' Strategy of Eradicating Poverty and the 'ONE IN LIGHT' Programme, where Arc of Nubia's royal task forces of Queen Shebah III have setup 257 national Humanitarian Chapters and sub-chapters to help countries and individuals feed themselves.

Justina Mutale explained how she has fashioned the 'POSTIVE RUNWAY: The Global Catwalk' fund to Stop the Spread of HIV/AIDS, while creating health consciousness. Ms Mutale also highlighted the benefits of the wealth that is freed up when women are an equal part of the dialogue and decision-making process of the global agenda.

His Excellency, Newt Nguyen, the Vietnamese Ambassador to the USA, discussed his role in identifying and preventing Human Trafficking and also defined his company's procedure for the recycling of shipping containers for use of building his energy saving homes for the homeless.

His Worship, the Mayor of Lagos, Comrade Ayodele Adewale, spoke about the kidnapped Chibok girls and revealed that some fifty of the kidnapped girls had escaped and how the safe release of those remaining were being carefully negotiated.

The manifestation of new energy sources, the provision of clean water, preserving the earth, recycling, health care and the saving of our Children were some of the many active philanthropic programs on display. Both the Humanitarian Summit and the 2nd Annual Global Officials of Dignity (G.O.D.) Awards attracted an altruistic royal, regal, cultural, religious, educators and political Magistrates who travelled from different parts of the world, including countries such as Ghana, China, Nigeria, The Philippines, Vietnam, Rwanda, Jordan, Italy, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Zambia, Brazil, Russia, different parts of the United States of America and many other countries, who converged at the United Nations Headquarters for the historical event to declare their role in the world's ongoing efforts for a unified global humanitarianism agenda.

Justina Mutale receiving her Olympia Award as UK Humanitarian Ambassador, United Nations Headqurters, New York

Justina Mutale with His Royal Highness, Prince Farid Benaddou Idrissi of The Royal House of Baloi and the ancient Royal Dynasty of Idrissi of Morocco, at the Meet & Greet Champagne Reception for Honorees (Award recipients) of the Global Officials of Dignity (G.O.D.) Awards and Speakers at the Humanitarian Summit. United Nations Headquarters, New York.

Justina Mutale with other Award Recipients and Summit Speakers including, (Left to right): Her Royal Highness Princess Maria Amor Torres of the Philippines; African Woman of the Year 2012, Justina Mutale; Secretary and Representative of Her Imperial Majesty Empress Shebah III; His Royal Majesty King Khoebaha II Of the Nubian Khoi San Nation; Her Serene Highness Chieftain Mary Ann Lucci; Her Serene Highness Chieftain Lois Womack; His Excellency Ambassador Ben Lai and His Excellency Ambassador Isaiah Z. Chabala. United Nations Headquarters, New York

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