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Defiant ASUU dares FG over sack threat

By The Rainbow

All signs point to no let up by Academic Staff Union of Nigerian Universities (ASUU) on the strike that is on its fifth month despite the Federal Government's ultimatum that the lecturers resume on December 4 or be sacked.

It was a defiant ASUU that responded to the government's sack threat, as the body believes that the new posture of the Federal Government will only compound the situation.

Coordinator of ASUU,  Calabar zone, Dr. Charles Ononuju, Calabar Zone, said  the order to return to the classrooms issued to them by the Supervising Minister of Education, Nyesom Wike, would worsen the strike action rather than solving the problem.

Ononuju, in a statement in Umuahia,  accused Wike of deceiving  President Jonathan on the crisis.

According to the ASUU chieftain,  Wike and some other unnamed officials of the Government are not sincerely pursuing solution to  the lingering problem between the union and the Federal Government.

He said that  with such threats the crisis would linger far longer than expected.

It is his belief that he crisis could not be resolved that way.

'We received with shock the pronouncement of by the Supervising Minister of Education, Wike, that lecturers should resume work or be sacked', Ononuju said.

ASUU said that the it had recorded significant progress in its discussion on how to resolve the crisis and was waiting for President Goodluck Jonathan's reply to their letter after their meeting when the minister came up with the 'unfortunate' pronouncement.

Ononuju said, 'Sacking lecturers will not solve the problem but will compound it. Wike should resign and come to the university and teach. This is not the way to go if they go this way, the crisis will not be resolved in the next 100 years.'

Anonymous | 12/1/2013 4:51:00 AM
Success and failure of the directive to go back to work by the striking lecturers depends on FG and VCs. If FG and VCs are serious, more lecturers would comply. The truth is that strike by the ASUU is like BOKO HARAM method. ASUU NEC deceived their members to make them believe that strike is the only way to make FG functionaries to respond to their agitations. There are many options for ASUU to deal with the FG functionaries. Strike is not even befitting for lecturers who need to daily update themselves on their field of studies. It is the cliquish ASUU NEC that has caused hardship on the masses and even on many members of ASUU. ASUU NEC members are mostly business men: they have other sources of livelihood to sustaining their families. So, Ononuju, Nasiru Isa Fage and other ASUU NEC members can go on strike for 100 years. As for me, I am going back to work since it is not ASUU that employed me in the first instance. If ASUU NEC boasts of gains or benefits from strike, I am sincerely telling them that more and better gains or benefits would have been achieved by other means. The ASUU strike has actually caused more losses.
okey | 12/1/2013 5:31:00 AM
I tie 4 dis country one person get mind use two something m to buy just too vehicle and gov. cant do anything about ASSU
akpabsy | 12/2/2013 4:21:00 PM
What a country!! This is the price we pay for appointing irresponsible people into sensitive positions. Wike is a tout. So much is spent on corruption. Jonathan should release funds for ASUU pure and simple!!
witheld | 12/3/2013 3:21:00 PM
Asuu if una like make una no called off til dis world go end na una sabi! so adamant!
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