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Obi’s Aide Advises Ngige To Emulate Other Past Governors Of Anambra State

By Mazi Odera

The Senior Special Assistant to Gov. Peter Obi of Anambra State on Media and Publicity, Mr. Valentine Obienyem has counseled Dr. Chris Ngige to emulate other past Governors of Anambra State in terms of conduct after they left Government.

Speaking to newsmen yesterday at Awka, Obienyem said that other past Governors, such as Dr. Chukwuemeka Ezeife, and Dr. Chinwoke Mbadinuju who occupied the seat legitimately behave with becoming dignity towards the Government. Even Dr. Andy Ubah whose presence on the seat had questions marks, he said, had never vented his anger on the State. “In fact, going by their conducts, between Dr. Andy Ubah and Dr. Chris Ngige, Anambra people today, like myself, will choose Dr. Andy Ubah for many reasons.

He has not shown desperation like Ngige and has generally conducted himself, always almost facing his work at the Senate, unlike Ngige who, many years at the Senate has not proposed one single bill only to come to Anambra now and then to flex muscle. I read the summary of his achiebvements which he published, he was only busy claiming what he did not do, besides the VIP toilets, he even said he did some work at schools like St. Michael's Nimo, which are unadulterated lies,” Obienyem said.

Commenting on his many protests against the election in the State, Obienyem described them as unfortunate. “It is unfortunate that Ngige wants Anambra State to burn because the people of the State rejected him at the polls. What is distressing is that when our people refused to join him, he ran to the West and together they are targeting Anambra State with their campaign of calumny. Is Ngige not ashamed that it is the Yorubas and Hausas that are now protesting against Anambra State? How many protests has he led against Yoruba and Hausa States? It is tragic.

While they protest, who is who in Igboland keep upholding the sanctity of the election. Rest assured that if by certain twist, INEC says they made mistake and suddenly declares APC winner, Ngige and his people will turn 360 degrees and praise Prof. Attahiru Jegga as the best thing to have happened to Nigeria.”

Obienyem, while decrying what he called Ngige's Agbero approach towards life said: “Look at Dr. Chukwumeka Ezeife, he commends Obi when Good news come out of the State, and he does not hesitate to come and offer advice to Obi whenever he perceives something is going wrong.

Even Dr. CHinwoke Mbadinuju, in spite of not being seen as the best thing to have happened to Anambra State still offers his advice for what he perceives as the good of the State and the same goes for Dr. Andy Ubah.

However, the only renegade among them is Dr. Chris Ngige. If he is not making inflammatory statement, or planting thugs at occasions Gov. Obi attends, or organizing protest against the State, he will he inspecting Obi's projects and granting interviews against him with profusion of lies.”, Obienyem said.

Concluding, Obienyem called on Ngige to mend his ways or await assured political perdition, which has already set in.

Emmanuel Chukwu | 11/30/2013 12:36:00 PM
Ngige if u won election, its d Anambrans dat wil protets 4 u n nt peple frm west n north dat neva perticipated. Pls stp importin forgners 2 com n spoil ur home
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