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The government of the people for the people by the people called Democracy becomes business, a lucrative one for a class of Nigerian. It is a democracy day we celebrate today and the political leaders: President, Governors and other political office holders are indeed happy and wish to see us all celebrating, wish to see the intensely suffering crowd in the stadium waving, shouting, hailing them, while they seat royally under the shade and the crowd who are severely poor are under the choking and striking sun. …Since independent of 1960, Nigerian has benefited from democracy immensely, we have also grown in many aspect of our lives, though, we have our challenges… statement like this is what we would hear from the mouths of many governors and Mr. president today 1st of October, 2012. We also wish to celebrate with them as a patriotic Nigerian; however, we have not been able to see any picture of democracy that makes it worth of celebration.

To what extent has power sector improve in Nigeria? Are we not just putting together the remnant of our country after the several bombing from Boko Haram? Do we experience growth in our health sector, yet the first lady was flown abroad for medical attention? The administration of Jonathan created jobs for 1000 Nigerian youths out of millions of unemployed youths. These men celebrating are hypocrites as there is nothing worth to celebrate in the democracy of Nigeria and that of our boss countries. Meanwhile, the beneficiary of democracy, the political dealers who have discovered that the most lucrative business after slave trade is political trade are joyous and want us all to be happy.

It does not means our beloved country is the most unfortunate in the world as most of the other democratic countries in the world are such a bad host to the masses. What good things are left in democracy after it turn to “money dictates” and you cannot be anything except you have accessed extraordinary huge wealth to manipulate the poor masses and the persons in the business of politics? A democracy that disenfranchised the non-wealthy persons in the country who are 90 per cent of the population is unfair and undemocratic. Agree! You are celebrating a government of the reach for the reach when the reaches use the masses as a technical ladder to climb up. The peculiarity of our democracy makes it worst, here! The leaders have no idea of how to transform the country and the states they govern. We have dump as leaders and our country remains stagnant and we ask question that where are the honest, hardworking, prudent and creative Nigerian? Have they all run away from Nigeria? Less than five state governments are performing excellently well, others are punishments upon their host, presidency inclusive. Hear his speech and that of the governors of Nigerian states whether they will have any reasonable achievement to mention.

1. When our country have the long time hunted opportunity to have people of high integrity and intelligent as president, governors and the law makers, Nigerian will thus have a course to gather under a burning sun to celebrate democracy.

2. When making of leadership is not determine by money any longer, when a poor man with integrity and leadership features like honesty, doggedness, creativity, and humility can contest and money is not his blocking barrier.

3. When the independence of Judiciary is achieved and a judge because of his honesty, and respect for the rule of law his not humiliated by the President of Nigeria in collaboration with the N J C and cabal in Judiciary. The frustration of JUSTICE AYO ISA SALAMI is one out of many atrocities and manipulations of the Nigerian Judiciary in the hand of the politicians. JUSTICE AYO ISA SALAMI you think you have frustrated him because he stood for justice and the rule of law but we say you have only made him a hero and in the process you are exposed as corrupt and unreliable personalities. JUSTICE AYO ISA SALAMI today is a symbol of justice and he stand out and as a hero, he will still stay to reap the good fruit of justice and fairness he has planted and he shall favorably be magnified by history.

4. When the country invests in the youths and makes youth empowerment the priority. Nigerian youths are the angriest ones. In millions they move and search for work that do not exist and no policy emanates from the presidency to assist the youths of the country.

5. When the country leaders record for Nigeria, science and technological advancement, our backward in this sphere is a reflection of intellectually bankrupt leaders that dominates the seats of leadership in Nigeria.

6. When merit find his way back to this country, we shall all line up in the burning sun to wave our hands in applaud of our leaders but not now when jobs, contracts, and appointment are issues not based on merit.

It is a fake celebration and not spontaneous but rather sponsored by the politicians, the President, Governors and their co-beneficiaries. The crowd you see are mobilized with money and joined by people who have come to play away their time and to feed their eyes. None has enthusiastically come to wave the looters standing under the scorching sun. If brilliant political ideologies and philosophy that match the peculiarity of Nigerian political terrain and that of the Africa continent is lacking, we would continue to meander about like missing sheep politically and economically. It is from individuals and it spread to the groups and organization and when adequately financed and propagated in a manner suitable to the circumstance and political climate it takes over with time and we walk on the political straight and prosperous road. The silence of honest and ideologically brilliant persons in Nigeria amount to subscription of political and economic underdevelopment.