Mimiko sacked aides wants cheap publicity-MCO

Source: huhuonline.com
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The Mimiko Campaign Organisation (MCO) has debunked an allegation by three sacked aides to the Governor, Dr Olusegun Mimiko that they were being trailed with the aim of hurting them as untrue, and typical of the level of desperation to which the political

party that they had joined had descended in their unbridled ambition to win the October 20 election.

The trio had immediately after their sack joined the opposition Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), a party they were alleged to be openly romancing with while still employed as Special Assistants to the Governor which eventually fetched them sacked letters.

According to the MCO`s Director of Publicity and Media Relations, Mr Kolawole Olabisi, it stands reason on its head that some people, who while employed as Special Assistants, could be openly romancing with an opposition party and having been sacked now decide to engage in media stunts just to attempt to paint the Governor black and score some cheap political points in order to please their paymasters.

'This is going too far and politics should not be played like this. It is people like these who give politics bad name and prevent the best materials to come out to participate: bare-faced lies, blackmail and assassinations are not part of politics as they are making it out to be in this clime and must be condemned in its totality. Politics in Ondo State in the past three and a-half-years under Dr Olusegun Mimiko has become a template for others to emulate until the past few months when the apostles of do-or-die-politics came with their brand of politics into our State. First, they had forged a letter purportedly showing that they were not sacked but that they resigned, they took this to an opposition media houses and now they say somebody wants to kill them!

``This is laughable and also highly illogical. The Labour Party and Ondo State Government are not nests of killers. Dr Olusegun Mimiko in all his political life has been preaching the need for peace and the sanctity of human lives. As a Medical Doctor, he had saved countless lives and as a politician; he has never and would never take human lives; it has never happened and it will not happen this late in his life. So, this allegation is not only wide but one borne out of the depth of frustration by a set of people who were sacked for anti-party activities.

``It is very unfortunate that they are taking this matter too far. They are not the first sets of political office holders to be sacked and would not be the last so we ask for decorum and enough of these fly in the ointment antics; it will not work as the people of Ondo State are aware of all this shenanigans and political rigmaroles of the opposition party that wants to harvest, pillage and enslave us,`` Olabisi stated.

He, therefore, called on the law enforcement agencies to investigate the matter and find out the true position of this saying that an allegations like this must not be treated with levity because ``we are aware that the party they now belong to is the author and finisher of violence and the proponent of operation capture Ondo State at all cost.

`We don't want a situation in which something will happen to any of these people from their party and then they attempt to pin it on us in the government to score cheap but dangerous publicity. Given the level of desperation of the ACN which it has not hidden, anything can happen`,` Olabisi said.