Sexy Singer With 'Sugar Lips' Begging To Be Married

Source: Osaremen Ehi James/
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With her command of beauty and style, one would have never believed that this singer born Ogocha Grace Ada but better known as 'Sugar Lips' would have an army of men fighting to win her 'precious' heart, but that may not be the case for this University of Port Harcourt graduate of Computer Science singer.

'Sugar-lips has been in the music industry for a long time and sure knows what is at stake in the razzmatazz world in Nigeria specifically. Though she is yet to have an album to her credits, but industry critics say her forthcoming album titled 'Drama Queen' could be a top charted.

Little wonder her latest single 'Se Wa Femi' which translate to 'Will You Marry Me' in English from the Yoruba translation give many to wonder why a beautiful lady like hers would beg to be married.

But if truly she is begging to be married, who is the lucky man being begged here? Super-lips, who is also a model, is presently under the care of 2J Entertainment where she is set to blow into limelight.