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Foolish Nigerian Parents Push their Sons and Daughters into Crime and Prostitution

Source: Orikinla Osinachi/
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The bestselling Blackberry Babes Nollywood home video exposed the escapades of these desperate poor girls in the fast lane in Nigeria.

I have seen how poor Nigerian parents living in the ghettos in Lagos struggle to make ends meet while providing for their sons and daughters in tertiary schools.

They harass well to do citizens to help them financially and most of them cannot even afford three square meals a day. But their sons and daughters have expensive N28, 000 - N180, 000 Blackberry (BB) and iPhone smart phones for which each one would spend an average of N3, 000 monthly for making phone calls and sending text messages.

I know a poor female student at the leading university in Lagos who is from a poor family, but she is using expensive BB and her parents are struggling to pay her school fees. But they still allow her to keep her over N68, 000 BB and they know that she spends over N100, 000 annually on calls and text messages! They accepted all the lies she told them how she got the BB and how she would be paying for the service. Of course her mates and neighbours she is foolishly competing with know that she is one of the "runs" babes on campus who are part time prostitutes on and off campus. She is one of those female students who shuttle from one city to another claiming to be doing business and don't tell their parents the truth about their escapades in living life in the fast lane of the dog eat dog rat race.

"My daughter was a big girl. She was a good girl," her father would defend her.

But he never knew her boyfriends and sugar daddies who paid for her airfares and hotel accommodations until she fell into the wrong hands of killer boyfriends? Stupid father.

The boys from poor families also engage in illegal business such as pimping, stealing and scams to get quick money to buy their own BBs and other luxury gadgets like the big boys from rich families. But these boys still depend on their poor parents for school fees and pocket money. Their parents see them with luxury items they cannot afford and still allow them to keep them until they are caught and disgraced or end up as armed robbers, kidnappers and terrorists.

These foolish parents push their sons and daughters into crime and prostitution.

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