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By Adeola Ikuomola

Oh, where are you tonight my beloved brother?
Where is the bond that once bound us together?
Even right from the womb of our sweet mother
Oh, where is the warmth of your brotherly arms
With which you nursed me when I was but a child.
That also led me out of the silent hours of infancy.

Oh, the night gets thicker and thicker around me
The deadly beasts crawl out of their hot hideouts
Prowling and seeking for flesh livers for breakfast
Even the sky has hidden the moon and the stars
From the threatening claws of the thunderstorm
Oh, where are you to see me through this night

Oh, a tree has fallen down not far away from here
The thunderstorm has marked many more to go
Between here and the world beyond is just a step
How weak and weary are my hands and my feet
Yes, I need you here tonight my beloved bother
Please take the fraternal step now and save my soul

Oh, let go, let go, let go tonight my beloved brother
Yes, let go the burning anger in your wounded heart
In childish foolishness the wicked deed was done
That broke your tender heart like embattled clouds
Oh, let go, let go, let go tonight my beloved brother
Or let me go away with sorrow buried in your heart

Whatever you do today might have effect on you some years to come
By: Richard Nuakoh