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He is popularly known as BJ Sax. An engineer turned saxophonist, Bolaji Banjoko is a fast rising saxophonist who has carved a niche for himself in the music industry. In this exclusive chat with 'one of the youngest African commercial saxophonist', BJ Sax bares it all with OLUSOLA OLUJIDE AYODELE on how he has been able to stay on top of his game as well as making his impact felt in the music industry.

How was your educational and childhood background?
I attended Assfood international school for my primary education, and then went to Caleb International College for my secondary education before proceeding to OOU to study Chemical Engineering.

When did the journey started?
It started with a school band called the 'unbeatable Caleb band'. It all began when I took part in extra-curricular activities and trying to impress the girls but I wasn't inspired by the girls.It was from the church choir that my interest in saxophone came into being. Professionally I started while in the university. It's been tough all along but God has been my inspiration.

Parental interference?
Naturally my parents objected to me being a musician. I was sent to school  to study engineering not music.

The challenges and how they were asphyxiated?
My school was in Ogun state but  I come to Lagos to perform at shows. At that time, I wasn't making money and would have to use  my pocket money for transport. I did free shows basically to make an impression. I put all my time into building my musical career. I get calls from people who attended shows I performed in which personally I have forgotten about.

Despite the challenges, I never gave up. My philosophy in life is that nothing is impossible. Studying engineering alone isn't easy. I had to balance both. I had less time to relax and devoted more time reading. At a point, my life was boring because it was only music I relaxed with when not studying.

The band name, BJ Sax?
Before my band came into existence, I had played for major bands around to gain experience.

The place of engineering in your life. Personally, I don't have an answer to that. But I know I have my certificate, so I'm still an engineer.

The greatest achievement is when I play and people get to love what I do.

Kind of music and role models?
I do all kinds of music but basically I'm into events. I looked to people like Kunle AjayI and  Mike Aremu.

How easy  is playing saxophone?
There is technique for everything. For me, playing saxophone is like blowing a whistle.

What has brought him this far?
It's God. There are some things personally I don't understand it just happens like that and I wonder where the grace is coming from. I see every performance as an opportunity and I give my best shot with the thought that I may not have the kind of opportunity again.

Breaking point?
It was at a show of about 40 people who were impressed with my performance and the rest is history.

Personal life?
I don't drink, smoke, nor womanise. There is nobody in my life except God. For now it's not on my mind to be romantically involved with a woman as I'm focused on building my career.

Female fans?
There is limit to everything. There are particular points where I draw the line. But I still get advances from them. In fact there is this particular one who is hell bent on 'finishing' me and till now I don't know the lady.

Collaborations and aspirations?
I had a gospel concert not long ago with gospel artistes around.  I did concert video with Midnight Crew, Bukky. There is this brand I'm trying to push and the brand name is BJ Sax itself. It's a dream to have BJ Sax known internationally, touring round the world.