By Jossy Idam

A creature out of this world, a weird man in white suit appeared in a church in Lagos. An early morning rain and chill amplified his spooky presence. Bearded like Nebuchadnezzar and dressed in tailcoat like Don Juan and an English gentry, Professor Chukwudi Nathan Okeakpu sneaked into The Synagogue Church of All Nations in the Ikotun area of Lagos and tried to blow up the place but failed. The self-styled "professor", occult master, astrologer extraordinaire, grand anti-Christ and Satan's deputy got converted instead. Pitted before a superior force, he buckled and begged for forgiveness. After seeing the light, he confessed his sordid existence.

Occult wizard
My name is Professor Chukwudi Nathan Okeakpu. I'm from Ogbunike in Oyi Local Government Area of Anambra State. I'm the Aru bi na agu of Igwedo. The children of Igwedo are Ogbunike, Okuzu ,Umuleri and Nando.

I'm an occult wizard, in-born Grand Lama of science beyond material.

I'm popular and known in over 74 countries. I should have been here since five years ago but it took me time. I needed to know where I'm going.

Wicked beginning
I wasn't born like this. It all started when my father died. I was around 14 (years). My father's relations did wicked things to my mother. They drove her out of her matrimonial home. One of my wicked uncles pointed his finger at me in a gathering and said that I will die. When he said it, a voice told me to turn around. I did. I saw a tortoise. The voice told me to pick it and lift it against my uncle and say what I wished for him. The man became ill. He suffered for about a year before dying. From there, my powers grew. I didn't go to any formal school but I'm a professor of the occult. Every thing I wish for happens. I'm the ultimate master. Nobody in the astral plane can do anything without my permission and approval.

Grand anti-Christ
With all my spiritual research and discoveries, it was only two years ago that I made up my mind to come here. I made consultations because I'm an astrologer. There is no great astrologer in the world that does not know me. A lot of people in secret sects and organisations claim to be astrologers while they are not. You must be led by a master - the popular mystical heroes around the world such as the goddess of India, Dr Agawas Belzi of New Delhi. He is the major authority in the whole of India. They give me compliment as a superior. You can't be an anti-Christ without my approval and signature.

I have a lot of people I communicate with through short time astral manifestation. I can stay here and appear in any part of the world. I can talk to them and they will do what I advice because I operate like a spirit.

Mysterious Iroko tree
There was an Iroko tree in my compound. That is where the name Okieakpu was derived. It used to be a shrine also.

Inner sanctum
My inner sanctum is just the way it is in Tibet. That of Tibet is not paved with gold. In my room, I keep a lot of mysterious things that can't be seen by ordinary eyes. I have several mystic snakes, which cannot be seen by ordinary eyes.

In my mystic, sensitive place, I can entertain over 200 people. In the past 17 years, I've not eaten well because of constant fasting and astrological dry fasting.

Magic wands and mystical python
I used to have magic wands and a mystical python. The python mysteriously disappeared when I decided to visit The Synagogue. I gave out one of my wands to a king. The king is late now. So, it has been transferred to another person.

Clay object
I have a clay object. It's a vibrative. It represents the Aro bi na agu Igwedo, meaning the shrine. My red garment is the material meant for it. There are several other materials following it.

Scramble for black garment
There was a struggle over who will possess the black garment. I defeated others to posses it. The man who could have put it on before me is Dr Agawaz of India but he was unable. It represents certain vibrations in the spiritual planets. I use the garment to endorse other anti-Christs and package them to the world.

Astral projection
In my inner place in my village, I have a small foam on the floor. I use it for astral projection. I use it to relax the body and demarcate it from the outward carcass called the body. When I want to meditate, I place an object on the wall. I sit on a low back chair, concentrate and communicate.

Born again
I was in a lightless place. I was like a dead man. I was a minute to my grave if I hadn't come to Synagogue. Let me tell you, five years ago, Christ appeared to me and said I should meet Prophet T.B Joshua.

Other agents of darkness know my sign.
Appetite for destruction
When I met Prophet Joshua, I decided to do some experiments, test some power. So, the first thing I decided to do when I walked in was to burn down the generator. Yes, I didn't want light here. I did every thing for the power house to explode. Each time I tried, the light only went off briefly and returned. This is unbelievable. I didn't know there is another power stronger than mine. I have done evil, wicked things too numerous to recount.

Begging to be healed
In the past 17 years, I have not finished a plate of food. I heard that T.B Joshua heals. I want to be healed. My biggest problem in life is to be able to eat food. I want to be able and to finish a plate of eba. I want to eat like every normal human being.

There is confusion in the astral plain. Don't take what is happening here to me to be a mere drama. Lucifer has lost control. I want to tell anyone who believes in ornaments and rings that power has been disconnected. No matter the personality and country where you got the ring, throw it into the water now.

Fall out with Lucifer
Before I took up the decision to be here, Lucifer told me face to face that he will kill me. He was angry that I derailed from our usual agreement. Any body who doesn't believe in God will have no peace.

Yes, from experience, I had no peace. I had no atom of peace for 32 years.

If you are interested in the occult, I am the ultimate but those that believed in me and my lectures about the universe, I'm sorry about my past mistakes. They should forgive me for deceiving them.

By Jossy Idam - Lagos, Nigeria
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