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Source: Dr. Joy Chizobam Ahanonu
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By: Dr. Joy Chizobam Ahanonu, MD, MBA, MSN, ACNP-CNS

Special Assistant to the HMoP/Coordinator - Media Team

Federal Ministry of Power - Abuja
"African American Woman slaughtered by National Union of Electricity Employees (NUEE)" would have made headlines in most major television networks,

and front pages of a lot of Nigerian Newspapers as my body lays frozen in the mortuary.

On Wednesday, the 8th of August, I had gone over to the PHCN headquarters in Abuja located next to Hilton (see attachment) to observe firsthand the story I heard in the office that morning about the employees of PHCN standing outside the gate. They had been asked to come and pick there severance retirement benefits from their managers that day but instead, they were all outside the gate refusing to come in. They were also demanding that the security agents at the gate be removed....Haba!!

If you remember two weeks ago, when the Hon. Minister of Power went there in person to clarify a lot of rumours flying around (lies made up by Unionists), those that had worked out on him were chanting, "PAY US AND LET US GO!!, PAY US AND LET US GO!!" Now that the severance package is ready, they are refusing to pick them up. If you go back to the last few mails I posted, you will find a sample copy of the severance pay.

So, on this beautiful August day, when I got to the PHCN gate, I saw people standing around outside the gate. The security agents didn't bother me as I drove in.

On entering the building, the Permanent Secretary, Dr. Awosika; the MD of PHCN, Engr. Labo; the Market Operator, Mr. Mogbo; Retired Fed. Gov. Permanent Secretary, Dr. Agary;

the CEO of TCN, Mr. Shola, and other top officials were there.

I engaged one of the PHCN top management officials (name withheld) in a conversation, at which time he confessed that the severance package "wasn't all that bad, after all,"

and wished that the employees will at least come in and see what they are getting.

After the Permanent Secretary had handed over the bags of letters to the PHCN Management, I left the building with some other workers (Barr. Nick Agbo, Mr. Uche Aneke,

Mr. Ikechukwu Oha, Perm. Sec. etc) that were heading back to the Ministry. After going pass the gate, I asked my driver to slow down so that I can take some pictures. I took

the first picture but before I could take the second one, there was a mob running towards my car with stones and sticks. Before I could put my ipad down on the seat beside me, some them (the mob) were trying to pull the hood of my car open, some people were already on top of my car, some were banging on my windows. I asked my driver not to move as I attempted winding down the window. Before my window was down, some people were already reaching for my head with clinched fists; a lady was going for my ipad, as all sorts of unimaginable foul languages were raining from their lips. They were going for the jugular as more people grabbed some more stones. The people closer to my car were screaming, "DELETE IT, DELETE IT," as I struggled to keep one particular lady from taking my ipad. When I steadied my ipad in my palms, I deleted the two pictures I took outside the gate, and from the corner of my right eye, I saw a police man squeezing himself through the crowd for my aid. As more of the security agents with guns at the gate ran towards my car, the crowd started dissipating.

My questions to Ajaero and his cliques are:
Do you have the interest of Nigeria at heart or just going for your selfish interests?

Nigeria Labor Congress (NLC) threatens to go on strike next week if the security agents assigned to guide the property of the Federation in all PHCN branches are not withdrawn.

Can you imagine what could have happened to me if the security agents were not around to come to my aid?

What if one of those lunatics had actually hit me with a stone or stick? This would have ultimately encouraged others to do the same.

NLC is also asking for more increase in employees salaries after the Federal Government had increased their pay by 50%. What kind of country will keep increasing salaries

like this and survive?

From all indications, His Excellency Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and the Hon. Minister of Power, Prof. Bart Nnaji have done well for the employees of PHCN who together

with their Union leaders are bent on holding the entire country hostage.

Still alive and reporting from Abuja,