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The Nigerian entertainment industry boasts of talented individuals who are using their God-given talents to unite the people. But on the contrary, some so called big wigs in the industry have not shown that patriotism as celebrities even though their songs are inspirational. ANTHONY ADA ABRAHAM sought the opinion of some artistes.

The entertainment industry in Nigeria is seen as the fastest growing sector in the country, boosting the economy, with several billions of Naira generated annually. Nigerians have realised that to become great you must love your own just like the Americans and the Indians who sold their culture to other countries using Hollywood, Bollywood and the Media.

It was noticed recently at a forum where young entertainment critics gathered to discuss about patriotism in the entertainment industry, and popular opinion was that Nigerian artistes are not showcasing their own in good light using 'If Love Is A Crime' video which 2face Idibia shot in Ghana, putting on Ghanian colours and flying the Ghanian flag as an example.

Though it received criticism from entertainment critics but for the niche he has carved for himself, it was difficult for people to actually it as non-patriotic.

It was so disheartening that they refused to see anything good in his intention.

According to K-Smasher, he believes that people see 2baba as a symbol of unity in music but he has reflected that he have people around him who can not tell him the right thing to do no matter what he feels about the country.

'In America which has now become our case study in Nigeria, whenever we give examples, you will never find an artiste doing such even when the blacks where mocked and derogated as Negros, they still fly the US flag higher than before…but we have different case in Nigeria where artiste believe that selling their product is by selling their patriotism to another country.

'Ghanian artistes would never do what Nigerian celebrities are doing because they are patriotic', he said.

But on the contrary, a lady who wants to be known simply as  ZX states that the leaders are not doing much in making sure that people are patriotic in Nigeria.

'Why won't they when the country does not believe in them as much as other countries do'? Why do you blame Nigerians who represent other countries. It's so disheartening and annoying that we are experiencing such', she laments.

Though it is certain that when the leaders don't care about the people, they resort to doing what would benefit them, but that doesn't stop one from being patriotic.

But  John Moses said: 'It is simple lack of patriotism and love for their home country'.

Another Nigerian artiste, Sunday Bawa who is vexed with the situation in the industry said no reason should make any Nigerian artiste fly another country's flag be it for financial purposes or otherwise. It is better flown side by side the Nigerian Flag.

'You know the verb, a prophet is without honour in his own country; having said that, the truth is one can't change his parents no matter how they are, so we can't change our roots as artistes no matter how foreign we sound. Though neglected by our very own, it is still not enough reason to fly another country's flag … instead, fly Naija flag in a different LIGHT, that's my word!

According to Lagbaja, 'an artiste who sings with 'blings', cars, hard currency but is hawking his album on foot and in shorts, what would you call such a person?'

Though some said Snoop wore Jamaican shirt in one of his collaborations, but their was an American Flag flapping in the background. Also, although Beyounce rendered a song with the Nigeria anthem but you will still find and feel her patriotism to the USA.

Thank God for artistes who continue to fly the flag higher than ever.

Why can't Nigerians – artistes alike love and respect the Green – White -Green flag, raising it high no mater how kill-joy some of our leaders may be?