Practice of broadcasting in LTV8 is awesome—Adewoye

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Adeyinka Kabir Adewoye
Adeyinka Kabir Adewoye

By Emmanuel Ajibulu

Adeyinka Kabir Adewoye a.k.a Kabiyesi, is a veteran broadcaster who never passed through the four walls of higher institutions but through training, seminars and research he was able to make his dream a reality in the broadcast business. His prowess in the use of Yoruba language as his communication tool in the broadcast industry has ostensibly set a distinction for him.

Presently he is a news director on current affairs for Alumoni Media Concepts Creations. Apart from that he is a media consultant, event manager and communications strategists; he does great exploits in general printing, concept design and production, and has equally started training programme for aspiring broadcasters.

He engaged in a lengthy conversation as he told the story of his earlier life, education, parents, the challenges of life and the successes he has recorded in what he knows how to do best.

Question: What prompted you into broadcasting?

Ans: Honestly the love and passion that I have for the broadcasting profession has been the key reason that actually brought me to the profession. I can tell you I did not go for higher education, but i did everything possible within my capacity to ensure that the dream and the burning desire for the practise of profession did not go down the drain. I only went to primary school, in a quest to go for my secondary school education my father died and I was only 12 years (Dec. 31 1970) and that dream of going for secondary school education was pathetically shattered. I later went to my uncle and he enrolled me at a printing press for training and I graduated in the year 1978. During my school days I normally watch NTA 10 and late Diran Ajijedidun a newscaster was someone I can really describe as my role model. So with my deep interest in what Diran Ajijedidun was doing was doing then the urge for the practice of broadcasting or journalism became pronounced in me. I involved myself with a number of things after my graduation from the printing press which even made me to work with Olabisi Ajala. But before I met Olabisi Ajala I met with Alade Aromire of blessed memory at Palmgroove in Lagos, Nigeria, in 1981/1982, at the first newspaper house that chose an indigenous language (Yoruba) as medium of communication in Nigeria and that was Ariya newspaper. I later became journalist by chance, as you can recall from my background I didn't have the cognate educational requirements. Thereafter Olabisi Ajala took us for a 3-month course in Ibadan, I can give it to Olabisi Ajala if he trains you, you will definitely achieve your dreams. I later became a photo jo urnalist through Olabisi Ajala and I also help in the printing also, infact I actually transferred all the skills and the learning I got from printing and the experience was awesome. Gradually I started pinching my tent and as such I was moving from one particular medium to another. At one time I joined an English photo film magazine known as Romance International Magazine. Alade Aromire was amongst us friends that would first own a newspaper Faaji Magazine. I was running journalism practice simultaneously with Romance International and Faaji Magazine. In 1996/1997 he called me he was starting a programme on MITV in Lagos, Nigeria and I did not hesitate to join him. Then he would present the programme and I produce it. I later introduced entertainment into that programme, because I normally move along with musicians in Juju, Fuji, and Apala etc. Later I started bringing those musicians to the programme that was when I can say I fully started full scale broadcasting. But in 2002 Alade Aromire said again that he would be starting another Programme on a cable network known as Yotomi I joined him again I started presenting news, I go out in the morning buy newspaper to get information and also conduct in terviews with some people to get my facts right. In 2003 I left late Alade Aromire again and I team up with another 3 individuals namely Jare Ayo-Martins, Bimbo Salako and Feyikemi Niyi-Olayinka we flouted a Yoruba magazine programme in MITV television station called Owuro-Lawa meaning its dawn which was powered in a name called Alumoni Media Concepts Creations. I always love to be seen with the who-is-who in the society and gathering facts for the pleasure and delight of my listening audience, somehow along the line I became popular and I enjoy doing what I'm doing.

Question: Why did you actually leave MITV for LTV8?

Ans: We left MITV (Murhi International Television) because their management actually advised us to go then. But before we actually left the then Lagos State commissioner for Information and Strategy, Mr. Dele Alake under the leadership of immediate past Governor Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, really showed so much love and interest in our programme and affirming that it's such a programme that qualitatively inform the public about the happenings in Lagos State and Nigeria at large through the use of indigenous language (Yoruba) and he discussed with his boss that a programme like ours should be aired on State TV station which is LTV8, and Tinubu honoured this advice. Owuro-Lawa was accepted with open hands in LTV 8. I must also drop this too because it is important the LTV 8 permanent secretary Mr Lekan Ogunbanwo is also a wonderful man infact he's a man I hold on high esteem. It is equally important to know that Lagos State Government both past and present administration has never influenced us in discharging our duties o far it is in line with the dictates of our regulatory body. Honestly the practise of broadcasting in LTV8 is awesome; I can say that again and again. They give room for constructive criticism and this is not done in any state owned TV or radio station in Nigeria.

Question: Why do people call you Kabiyesi (a monarch)?

Ans: When we started with MITV some audience will call us in the studio and give kudos to our programme. There was a day like that someone called he showed a lot of appreciation to the programme and he humorously suggested to us that the oldest among you people should be chosen as Kabiyesi, while the co-presenters should be given other traditional titles because our programme according to the person is like a community and as such there would be a need for a traditional ruler to exist. So as the oldest among my colleagues I was chosen as the king and I branded Jare Ayo-Martins as Otunba, gave Bimbo Salako Erelu while I gave Feyikemi Niyi-Olayinka Iyalode, that was how we spread the ''traditional titles''. And since then the name Kabiyesi has become a household name on the TV screen for me.

Question: Could you have said your being in broadcasting you have recorded success?

Ans: I can say everything so far has been a success for me, because I was from a poor home and my father was a polygamist with 2 wives and he died since 1970 and the hardship was unspeakable. But today through the grace of God my life has changed for the better, I have more than one car, I have landed properties, wives and children etc; and all of that came as a result of my success in the field of broadcasting a profession I live passionately since my childhood days. Today I have started the training programme for intending broadcasters, I don't accept money from them I believe that is the way I can pay my own quota to adding value to youth Nigerians who probably may not be buoyant economically to see their dreams through. I thank you the entire team for this wonderful opportunity you have given me to express myself, God will continue to strengthen you in your endeavours, I can assure you we would continue to enjoy a symbiotic relationship and we won't disappoint ourselves.

Adewoye however, prays for Nigeria and encouraged Nigerian youths to really lay their hands on something resourceful that could be of great benefits to the larger society. And that they should desist from using excuses as reasons for their involvement in crimes and other engagements which could tarnish the image of the country. Adewoye would love to reached through the following contacts: +2348099673184, +2348057960015, +2348067079668, +2348023923747 or [email protected]

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