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Re: Lagos Traffic Law

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The Lagos League of Political Parties (LLPP) demands suspension of signing into law the new Lagos state traffic bill by the state governor.This bill appeared to have been designed more as a revenue generating policy rather than addressing traffic issues and

when signed into law will not address nothing new that has not be taken care of by the federal laws on traffic, except to say more punitive measures and more money into the state coffers.

Punitive and high taxation measures have never seem to work when the execution organs    have traces of weakness, unprofessional and corrupt conducts as have been expressed with impunity by some members of LASTMA.

We strongly hold the view that punitive measures are secondary after government have looked into fundamental issues like over population as against insufficient infrastructures that give rise to abuse of traffic regulations and find means and ways of addressing it, rather than crowding the laws of the state with a law that can lead more to deepening corrupt practices of some LASTMA officials than addressing issues it was promulgated for.

We call on the governor to defer this bill back to the state house of assembly for amendments and for the assembly to call for more public hearings on which we shall attend actively to look into the pros and cons of this bill, its efficacy to the issues behind it's formation.

Finally, LLPP still maintain a strong standing that people need more provision of infrastructures that will meet their size of population, reduction in taxes and creating friendly business environments and not punitive laws and high taxation.

Best regards,
Chief Udoka Udeogaranya.