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The President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces,
Federal Republic of Nigeria,
Aso Villa,
Three Arms Zone,

Your Excellency,


While thanking your Excellency once again for all you are doing to ensure and realize the good, virile and robust National electronic broadcasting of our dear Nation through the unexpected and unceremonious directive of sending Usman Magawata packing on 14th April,2012.

After due consideration, thorough and unbiased evaluation of Usman Magawata's four years stewardship in office as DG NTA, we make bold to state the following new atrocities which he has committed against Nigeria as follows, viz:

1 Gante Engineering Services Limited Abuja Headquarters N36m for the purchase , installation of power control (PFC)
2 Gante Engineering Services Limited Niger Purchase and installation of AVR
3 Tross Gee Solution Abuja  
4   Abuja N16.7m for purchase and installation of
5 Special Assistant to DG, NTA (Mallam   Furnishing of DG, mini office at DOOMSAT
6 Addmore Communications Limited as consultants Abuja $100m ( $1 = N162 = N16.2b
7 Controversial award of Removal of OB Van in Leeds UK by WTS Abuja N8.2b with a N2.2b inflation on the contract compared to SABC

In addition NTA SUNCAST TV and NTA International Joint Ventures Agreement should be probed because, Magawata detailed one of Mistresses(A MARRIED WOMAN OF EASY VIRTUE) and NTA Secretary and Legal Adviser- TESSY NWANERI, His S.A. NASIR ZAHARADEEN and MD,TVE to be signatories to the agreement altering the previous one NTA had under Dr Iredia, OON; and build in over $300,000 which made him to compensate Tessy with double promotion of commendable performance as a front and mistress as well as approving $4,500 for a Course for her in UK in October,2011 which she didn't attend and another equivalent amount in December for her to attend the graduation of her son in US under a fictitious caption. For ZAHARADEEN, he provided the company the company that furnished Magawata's DOOMSAT Office-a white elephant project when they we were all aware that Magawata will be compeled by Mr President to unceremoniously vacate office.

The BPP 2007 Act clearly stipulates procedures for tendering, valuation and awards of FGN Contracts while the financial regulation also provide the procedures of payment for such contracts, but in the case of Magawata- led NTA it was alleged that none of the laid down procedures was followed in the award of any of the itemized contracts and a host of other clandestine ones which were not documented, submitted to him, approved and after-half execution or abandonment like NTA e-payment contract forwarded for payment without complying with Due Process requirement.

Listed below are the details for the above breach of BPP procedure in the award of these and other contracts in NTA.

• No advertisement of the project in National Dailies plus Federal Tender Journal.
• No minute of meetings for bid openings.
• No recommendation for the award by any contractor and / or consultant of evaluation committee report

• No signature page for the chairman and members of tender board.
• No appropriation made in 2008, 2011 for those projects
• No tender board minutes and approval for the award of these contracts.
• Abubakar Abdullahi and Hajiya Iya handled major supplies, contracts and operational purchases not captured by fiscal budget and appropriation. His boasting against staff and the public will end up in reproach and their confidence will disappoint them at the last minute as he has told his folks, kinsmen and blind loyalists that his Re-appointment letter is ready from SGF awaiting further directive for public announcement having grease the palm of Minister of Information with N20m shortly after his exit from office which he directed the Ag DG,NTA to release from NTA coffers and N50m which he splash in the Caliphate to lobby the President for his re-appointment according to his confidant mistress-TAWAKALIT GBADAMASI.

Magawata has transferred the title and ownership of his TV College in Keffi,Nasarawa State which he build and equipped with the money he stashed from NTA to Abubakar Abdullahi, a reputed criminal business man,who is believed will shield the property from confistication during investigation by anti-graft agencies.

Corruption in NTA under Magawata -led Management is a fast growing trade and if Mr. President does not direct the Anti –graft agencies to deal with corruption, it will wreck NTA the same way corruption killed the Nigerian Railway Corporation which would have reduced the pressure on the roads. The picture of corruption in NTA is both a dangerous trend and a devastating quagmire .Magawata's factitious developmental efforts is a deceitful destruction and if the Anti -graft Agencies would successful wage a war on corruption, Magawata should not be sacred cow. The higher amount he stole as loot, the more his name appears on the order of merit list as he is planning to succeed H.E. Saidu Dakingari come 2015 under the platform of CPC.

Usman Magawata has no right to loot, plunder and hypnotize NTA Staff nationwide. Since rights are not given but fought for, we has risen to the occasion to reclaim NTA from his hand and that of his stooges who will cover his tracks which is why he is scheming to come back or ensure an insider is appointed his successor since the Senate Committee of information has turned deaf ears to the cries against corruption as Magawata described as untouchable in Nigeria who cannot be prosecuted and brought to book by the government of the day.

In an establishment where opportunities far too limited, Magawata-led management failed to put on its thinking caps to think outside the box. But for now sir, ''to be forewarned is to be forearmed''. The plot against His Excellency from people inside your government thickens by the day, and earnestly, the sharks are after your neck, using an agent of Boko Haram –Usman Magawata as the smokescreen. Little wonder did member's of Yoruba Unity Forum visited President Jonathan on the 15th February, 2012; stating their displeasure over their marginalization in key federal appointements in his administration with no major presence in NTA, EFCC, Judiciary, Police; led by Bishop Emmanuel Gbongi in company of Dr. Fredrick Fasehun, Dr. Tokunbo Awolowo – Dosumu and Dr. Jimoh Ibrahim.

In the appointment of DG NTA, merit should be a major consideration in recruiting the right candidate for the plum job because Magawata's appointment has and is still described in many quarters as a political error by PDP which seems to be a faulty process which has over the years worked against the best interest of the country over the years. For instance, the appointment of Farida Waziri, Kabiru ( former MD, FERMA) and a host of others by Yar'adua. Since public service demands the very best at any given time not just under your transformation agenda, merit as a paramount qualification for the position will curtail the influx of below average performers like Magawata and others who were presumably foisted on the system through political patronage or appointment based on geo-political leanings of candidates. This will avail Nigerians the opportunity to compete and provide government with the best alternatives at all times other than Magawata's lobbying for re-appointment or to succeed Remi Oyo who he said will be 60 years old on the 12th October, 2012 through Labaran Maku and Sultan after his aborted bids failed through Bala Mohammed, Saidu Dankingari, Jerry Gana, erstwhile Minister of Defence, a South – South Monarch, Ben Bruce, Bukola Saraki, VP's wife, Jega etc.

For Mr. President to achieve his transformation Agenda and not fall short of expectations, theres need for the prospective DG NTA to be a reflection of the best minds available in the country and not fixing of political jobbers like Magawata who is only interested in shoring up public office profiles for blind treasury looting and escaping justice through his human and blood sacrifices orchestrated by his spiritual lord and devil incarnate Abubakar A. Abdullahi – Chairman/CEO, Gante Engineering Services Limited; who used his staff for ritual-Mr Lambert Okoro; Former Manager, Addmore Communications Limited and Head, APCON -Abuja and his younger sibling who he claimed died or disappeared during one of the numerous Kaduna flashpoints. If not, you will burdened at the funeral of NTA, because Magawata inherited a robust, vibrant and flourishing NTA from Iredia,OON; with surplus and left it in a comatose with huge debt burden of over N8b and poor standard of recruitment. NTA certainly needs a breath of air where utmost professionalism should holdsway and not be loaded with recycled men and women ( management who completed their term of office in June, 2012) and as the convention are awaiting the announcement of a new DG and 7 new Executive Directors to man the Directorates, if at all Mr. President new vision will be materialized for NTA to be effectively run because from 1999 to 2008 NTA was attributed to painstaking head-hunting of professionals who allowed their knowledge to be tapped and proficiency tested.

Let us at this juncture remind Mr. President that Brutus was not far away from Ceasar. Prior to 2007 elections, Magawata has associated himself with Mr. President arch- rivals and adversaries - Buhari, El Rufai, Nakande, Bukola Saraki, Aliyu Gusau, Ayo Salami etc and was secretly funding CPC with his loot from NTA. All details are contained in the previous petitions against him on the internet. It becomes very disheartening that somebody holding a sensitive positive as DG NTA defiled the ethics of majority of Public Service ( Political neutrality and impartiality) rather; he was using his N17b loot from NTA to clandestinely over heating the polity of the land by inciting people and condemning a God -sent leader of your caliber who is visionary, pragmatic, focused, amiable and proactive with a pledge to eventually succeed Akunyili as Minister of Information if Gen Buhari emerges the President and C-in-C in May 2007. Now the leopard, religious bigot and extremist has changed its spot. This was the agreement and secret pacts with facts entered into by him and CPC.

“ To be forewarned is to be forearmed” the plot against Mr. President will only manifest from insides like Magawata in your government which thickens by the day. As the options are open to Mr. President's discretion, greater lesson must not be lost on his selection process to secure the best candidate for the country with a specific mandate of redemptive mission by reviving, resuscitating and revamping NTA by a credible candidate with intimidating profile, credentials, someone of unquestionable character or blemish who will take NTA to the promised land in the 21st Century.

The image of NTA under the reign of Magawata has dwindled to a level that no one is willing to associate or accept work with Magawata's team ( Nasir Zaharadeen, Tunde Aina, Tawakalit Gbadamosi, Tessy Nwaneri, Olagunju Arologun,his stealing network)etc

The President has to direct the arrest and investigation of officials in NTA to account for the internally generated revenue, money illegally paid for the controversial OB Vans and Contractor and consultants to NTA – Startimes TV Network to the tune of N15b.

Investigate the criminal breach of Due process requirement in the award.

Investigate the criminal breach of financial regulation in the payment of contractors and consultant.

Investigate the level of contract awarded and executed at various NTA Stations nationwide and payment to the contractors.

Investigate whether request for selective tendering was approved by the erstwhile board of directors or ministry under Professor Dora Akunyili

Investigate whether competitive tender evaluation was carried out to determine the cost arrived at all the awarded contracts.

While we urge the President to downsize the staff strength of NTA due to the fictitious over bloated manpower of NTA which Magawata, his fraud syndicates and Senate and House of Representatives Commission on Information prior to his inglorious roles and unceremonious exit as DG NTA where he gave the Parliament 100 slates to drum support for his continued stay in office eliminate wastages, embrace robust and effective fight against corruption going with Magawata led administration in NTA and urgently fix the rot in NTA for the huge sums of appropriation for laudable projects with little or no results which reforms staff distrust and depreciate of your government with so many political jobless and boost leakers Magawata who should be estracised now pretending to be a member of the progressive reap.

Magawata should be allowed to carry his own cross of facing anti graft agencies through psychological torture and excruciating interrogation, detention and prosecution. If he is allowed to enjoy his N17b loot scot free in addition to his identification with your government, it will do more harm than good to Nigerians because he has soiled his hands in the most critical time of our national history as DG; particularly, at a time when progressives both at home, abroad and those in coerced or self exile are heeding to Mr. President's clarion call to come back home and join the hands in his transformation train to rescue our land form maximum rulers like Magawata.

Nigerians are very sensitive and the larger part of the population who dictate the political direction of state are progressives. The notorious administration of Magawata has poverty remain evergreen in the annats of history of NTA which has spell doom for the nations broad cast industry than good by marginally erode the confidence and goodwill Goodluck -Sambo administration currently enjoyed.


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House 22, 21A Road,
Federal Housing Estate,
Airport Road, Lugbe,

Bishop Thomas Aremu
Vice President (Africa and Europe)
Living Faith Church
(AKA Winners Chapel)
Durumi, Area 1,
Abuja, FCT.

Calvary Greeting Your Lordship!


I am pleased to forward to you, a personal copy of my PGD Thesis dedicated to you.

I am of the opinion that this memento will serve as a veritable medium of establishing a cordial rapport with you and forge stronger ties as my spiritual father and an endowned man of God (Anointed visionary leader and powerful preacher) standing tall in many ramification as a fisher of men with a passion for leading by example with sufficient grace, integrity and transparency to add value to brethren's lives, win souls for Christ and help to take Winners flock from failure to success as emblematic of the Lord.

I hope you will find it invaluable as a worthy contribution towards the advancement of knowledge and the future of the Nigerian economy in the 21st Century.

While anticipating your kind cooperation, I wish to thank you for allowing me to count on your fatherly attention and audience when the need arises especially o knotty issues.

With kind regards, my best wishes and grateful thanks, I remain yours sincerely.

Bless you Daddy!!!