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My dear Sir,
I read in the media last week where some select 'Elders of Abia' issued a press statement from Abuja questioning why Governor Theodore Orji should proceed on a short leave, which according to them had kept Abia State on a 'invincible' stand-still. I am also an elder in Abia and do not agree with the opinion given by the group. The group should be careful because their recognition is being fast eroded by this type of utterances.

One starts asking to know when it has become the mandate of the so-called elders to be an opposition or part of running the affairs of Abia State. One thing they failed to understand is that we are all Abians. For Abia to continue to move forward they should regard whoever God decided to put in the saddle at any given time as His making and such a person requires support of all.

Theodore while in the Prison won the election clean and clear. This should remain instructive for all to note the handwork of God. His victory was further confirmed by both the orders of an appeal panel and the appeal court. Furthermore, to many, Theodore is a seasoned administrator who understands the civil service very well and knows the rules and regulations of governance. I was one of those who initially opposed Theodore but I have since discovered that I was thinking parochially just like those 'elders'.

Abians, let us think deeper and stop dissipating energy.

Chief Ogbuagu Chikelu,
367 Nwaniba Road,

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