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By NBF News
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Men of the State Intelligence Bureau of the Nigeria Police have extended invitation to fiery Lagos preacher, Pastor Tunde Bakare, over what police sources see as a controversial sermon against President Goodluck Jonathan.

The invitation signed by one Usman Ayuba (a chief superintendent of police) is sequel to a sermon which he (Pastor Bakare) delivered in his church wherein he accused President Jonathan of deliberately trying to bankrupt the country.

Publicity secretary of the Save Nigeria Group, Mr. Yinka Odumakin, who confirmed the development in a chat with LEADERSHIP on telephone, however, said Bakare, the leader of the group, was aware of the summon.

Bakare, the running mate to the presidential candidate of the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), Maj.-Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, in the last general election was billed to honour the invitation but had left the country on Wednesday.

'We saw an invitation by the police asking Pastor Bakare to honour an invitation regarding a sermon that he delivered sometime ago, but, as I am talking to you now, he is out of the country,' Odumakin said.

Though, it was speculated that security agents might prevent him from making the journey, which many believe was to the United States of America, he made without it hindrance.

Excerpt Of Pastor Bakare's Sermon
'We have vampires whose assignment is to kill Nigeria and to make sure that Nigeria does not exist thereafter. Suddenly Nigeria that was that cheered now has clueless, shoeless people take over the administration of Nigeria.

'And the one word I have for Nigerians is, don't despair. Jonathan is dancing to the drumbeat of destiny. His destiny is to bankrupt Nigeria. All men of goodwill must rise up to stop him. And stop him we will do. And I said stop him we will do. Don't make mistake about what you are hearing from me today, it is clear in my heart beyond any iota of doubt that Jonathan's destiny is to bankrupt Nigeria, balkanize Nigeria.

And there are forces behind him totally committed and determined to do so. Oil vultures with petrol dollars and all kinds of political 'tinkers' not thinkers are tinkering with the destiny of our nation with their palace prophets telling them peace when there is no peace.

I want to tell you that it does not matter what it takes, we will stop you. We will stop you dead in your tracks. You will not accomplish your assignment. You will not finish your assignment. Nigeria will vomit you in the name of Jesus Christ.

Turn your Bible with me to the Book of Chronicles. Tell it on the mountain top that this man is dancing the drumbeat of destiny.

His destiny is to bankrupt this nation and balkanize it and he has the full support of his corporate cowboys and oil vultures as well as their palace prophets who are telling them peace when there is no peace because I don't understand how a nation will be going through calamity upon calamity and those who should be concerned will only be prancing around. I don't understand it. I don't understand how you can serve your nation and serve bomb blast inside a church in Jos for breakfast.

And before they could recover from that anguish you serve them air crash for lunch. And before they could gain their moment of sanity, you serve them with petro dollar bribe and now you vaunt about it telling us nothing can happen because you are in charge, the land will vomit you as the Lord lives in the name of Jesus Christ and every collaborator will not go unpunished.

Your year of punishment has come. Tell it on the mountain top that there are still men of goodwill who will stop you dead in your tracks.

I am not talking about deluded ambitious politicians who now think of 2015 when the nation is in a mess in 2012. We can do all the tinkering, if we don't rise up now there will not be 2015.'