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South-East’s Drug Depot

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When we were telling Nigerians that there were insanities going on in the Governor Theodore Orji-led Abia State, some naira-fed discordant views were that we were bent on running Orji government down. The latter can be seen is untrue following the issue hereafter.

The insanities have been further exposed. Some national newspapers of Thursday, June 28, 2012, had it that the only business Abia State has skyrocketed in more than any state in the South-East recently is the illicit drugs dealings and consumption. The disclosure was through Mrs. Florence Ezeonye, the Abia State Commander of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) on the occasion of this year's International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Drug Trafficking.

This remark has elicited pertinent benefits; it has further helped in telling the world the critics' claims that Orji-led Abia State is run like drugs induced. There is absolutely misrule in all angles of governance. Leaders with clear eyes do not exhibit stone-heartedness against their people. Abia State is suffering from robbers of good governance. The state has made the state to go down. Do we blame the consumers of the illicit drugs? They could have found solace in the drugs on noticing that the state they live in is run by a man who does not care for/about them, except for his family and buddies.

We are not surprised with the information that Abia State is drugs depot, the highest in the South-East, because Orji has been re-orientating the people, without him knowing, to tow that direction with his body language and mis-governance. If he was ruling well, the people would engage in meaningful ideas. Therefore, Ndi'Igbo have to frown at Orji because of this. It is actually the period to trade blames on Orji. He is not delivering in the leadership position. This is the time to throw away the quick aura should his boot lickers come up tomorrow to refute the fact by Ezeonye. It is very sad that Orji's leadership ineptitude has betrayed the rest of us with the messy drugs info.

Against this backdrop, yours truly would always ask: What eye do the people of other regions watch us with? Do they see us as a people that involve in anything bad? Do they see us as 419ners, drug dealers, kidnappers, money launderers, and ritual killers? Is the problem we have in ala-Igbo not with us? These and many more are the questions every Igbo person should be asking. Abia State was once revered, but Orji has brought it to disrepute. Go to Aba, for instance, and cry. Investigations should as a result be carried out on this issue to ascertain the cause of the dreary incident of the people in Abia State involved in illicit drugs dealings. This investigation must be thorough, but to ensure that such an incident never repeats itself, Orji should go. Our hearts and prayers are with our sons and daughters, who have turned drug users, which in earnest is not unconnected with the mis-governance in the Orji-led Abia State most of us have been crying against.

– Odimegwu Onwumere, Poet/Author, Media/Writing Consultant and Motivator, Founder of PoetAgainst Child Abuse (PACA), Rivers State.

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