Is It Okay To Have A Boyfriend?

By Daily Graphic
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Dear Auntie Betty,

I am a girl of 15 years and in JHS Two. I have friends who are in relationships with different boys. But I am in a relationship with only one person.

I want to know whether it is normal for me to do so?

Dear Ama,
I believe you and your friends have heard about the HIV virus and AIDS and the common mode of infection.

Unfortunately, you and your friends have decided to tread on dangerous grounds. Currently, the youth is the worst affected group, therefore, you should not toy with your lives. You should behave like children and be disciplined.

Being in relationships will do you no good at this stage of your lives. It will only bring you untold hardships pain and misery.

Above all, being in relationships will open you up to engaging in sexual relations. And once you engage in that you can easily get infected with the HIV virus, which is life-threatening. I don't believe any of you would want to die young.

You have a long way to go in life so you need to be of good behaviour. Focus on your dreams and aspirations and do not let the money your parents are spending on you be in vain. You need to make them proud of you.

The fact that you have one boyfriend does not make you any better than your friends because you might all be engaging in illicit and immoral acts.

So make your parents proud by ending the relationship you have started. You can do so by informing your boyfriend that you have realised that it is dangerous to be in a relationship at your ages so you are no longer interested.

If he accepts it that will be fine but if he doesn't then you will have to withdraw from his friendship and stop visiting him.

You also have to be careful of those you pick as friends.Your friends are a bad influence on you. Be wise and think about yourself and your future.