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The dreams of our founding fathers are falling apart

By Joefine Joseph
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I write with deep regret over the kaduna crisis and other states in the northern parts of Nigeria.

I pray that the blood of the departed souls shall give us victory over those suponsoring boko haram in this country.

Amen. With no apology shall I stand to express my heartfelt over the action of boko haram in this country.

I want to let everyone in this country to know that even in the mist of the senators and house of representatives we can find boko haram suponsorers because they do not want to find a lasting solution to this mayhem since this is not affecting their families.

Who in thise country doesn't know the truth of this problems.

Ok, if they don't know may I use this medium to tell them that it is nothing but political war envoleped by islamic jihad to stop the rulership of Mr. President. Can you now see the house reps.

calling on Goodluck and his security carbinet to appear in the house before them to tell them what is the security situation in the country.

This is absolutely nonsence before all learned being in this country.

Last year if you don't know I want you to know it now that there was a video cassets that was produced by some top islamic preachers saying what they would do to this country if it happened to be that a christain would rule over them.

Now are we not seeing it now in the name of boko haram? Who would say it now that he or she doesn't have the live procast of that video casset in Adamawa State and in Nigeria as a whole.

Why are we coward in terms of finding lasting solution for this country.

The dreams of our founding fathers are falling apart while we stand and look.

All this is because of money involvement in politics and everyone want to be there at all means.

We need sound minded beings that have passion for this country in the house not those we are seeing now.

Politice is not a do or die events if it is not in your blood to rule you can never rule.

May we keep bias aside and fight boko haram squarely if not it will turn to what we can't handle.

Enough is a enough for bombing christain churches and poor inocent souls.

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